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Moderating Effects Of Life Quality On The Relationship Between Talent Agglomeration Environment And Level An Empirical Analysis Based On Province Data

Posted on:2016-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, talent plays an increasingly important role on the modern society. How to development the human resources rationally and effectively has become a hot topic of academic research. Under this condition, scholars conduct a mount of researches for talent aggregating environment. The existing research forced on the reason for talent gathering, environment components and construction, mode or effect of talent agglomeration. While the existing research based on the construction of talent gathering environment and evaluating system of talent gathering, seldom people refer to the intermediary or moderating effect. With the development of people’s living standard, living quality gradually becomes an important factor of talent’s job decisions. On the point of this view, the essay conducts relationship between the environment and regional level of talent gathering, studying the moderating effect of living standard on the basic relation based on the data of thirty provinces in China in the past ten years from 2003 to 2012.Throughout the articles about talent gathering both at home and abroad, the paper proposes some assumptions and models on the basis of the basic relationship between talent agglomeration environment and level, meanwhile construct the moderating model on the living level. Through Chins Statistical Yearbook, Chinese Labor Statistical Yearbook, Chinese Technology Statistical Yearbook, collects the statistical data to construct the evaluating system of the three variables of talent gathering environment, living level and regional talent gathering level, then test the reliability and validity of variables. The results infer that our measurements well reflect all variables. To test the relationship between talent agglomeration environment and regional levels, the paper utilizes SPASS17.0 to conduct relational analysis, results support that economic development has positive forecasting effects on regional talent gathering level; the positive effect of social security on regional talent gathering level is obvious; technology positively affects regional talent gathering level. Use hierarchical regression analysis test the moderating effect of living quality, results show that living quality has no effect on the relationship between economic development and regional talent gathering level, while play a positive role between social security and regional talent gathering, and play a negative effect between technology and regional talent gathering. Finally, the essay proposes some conclusions and advice on how to improve regional talent gathering level.
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