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Talent Agglomeration And Regional Economie Growth Effect In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2020-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330572975986Subject:Applied statistics
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Talents are the most important core resources of a country or region.Under the background of increasingly fierce international and regional competition,talent as a strategic resource can bring a lot of competitive advantages.Enhance regional competitiveness,the key is to train large quantities of all kinds of high quality talents,keep talents improved continuous growth and quality of the total,therefore,how to play to the talent in the fundamental,strategic and decisive role in economic and social development,to promote scientific and harmonious development of yunnan,leapfrog development provide a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support is currently facing the reality of the problem.The research content of this paper mainly consists of the following five parts: the first part is the introduction,which mainly discusses the research significance,research background,research content and methods of this paper.The second part is literature review,which summarizes the research results of domestic and foreign scholars on human resources,and explains some concepts and theories related to human resources.The third part is a comparative analysis of the development of human resources in yunnan province,showing the current situation of the development of human resources in yunnan province in recent years.The fourth part analyzes the economic development status of yunnan province,including the overall economic growth rate and the economic development level of each city.In the fifth part,data collation and model determination are carried out.R software is used for model application to integrate and sort the data of eight indicators of human resources of various cities and towns by using the efficiency coefficient method,and compare the development differences between different cities and towns.After that,the cluster analysis and statistics method is used to classify and classify the cities and towns as well as the districts and counties.Finally,the production function theory of kirchenglass is used to construct an analysis model of the impact of human resource indicators on economic development,and to study the relationship between talent resource agglomeration and economic development.The sixth part summarizes the research results of this paper and draws a conclusion,which provides certain reference basis for the government and society,and provides certain help for promoting the rational flow and distribution of human resources.Finally,the paper puts forward some policy Suggestions.In 2016,the first year of the 13 th five-year plan,yunnan province will continue to implement the talent development priority strategy.To grasp the actual development situation of talent agglomeration in yunnan province and explore the interactive relationship and influence degree of agglomeration quantity and density on economic growth can provide reference for the government and provide reasonable Suggestions for the sustainable development of regional competitive advantage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Current situation of human resources, Talent agglomeration, Cluster analysis, Analysis on the influence of regional economic development
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