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Research On Graeco-Roman Wrestling’s Relationship Of Strength Endurance Training And Athletes Winning

Posted on:2014-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467458632Subject:Sports training
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At present, the wrestling is in the key period of the Olympic Games of vitalimportance, analyzes the reasons for the crisis, the game is not wonderful, low ratings,low penetration rate is the soft rib. Therefore, only when the training given to change,to make this situation to improve, to get better development.Therefore, we through the analysis, the lack of wrestling athletes in the gameforces continued ability is one of the bottleneck of this situation. We therefore to theactual effect of endurance training, we designed an "Endurance" training program anda comparison of training plan, through the comparison and analysis of twoexperimental programs in athletes after training on physiological and biochemicaldata and players of various power quality index changes, draw the followingconclusions:1. The obvious differences of the number of the lactic acid.The strength-torlerancetrainings have great influence on the lactic acid,which shows that thestrength-torlerance trainings are more suitable to the enelogy-supply features in theenelogy-supply styles.2. Strength endurance training athletes over instant pulse is higher, so the strengthendurance training, not only has been training on Athletes’ physical, but also promotethe athlete; morning pulse level difference, showing the strength endurance trainingalso won’t give players caused by fatigue.3. It shoulb be paid more attention that after the strength-torlerance trainings theathelets have an great improvement on their maxium strength. But compared to thedegree of the improvement of the normal strength trainings,it has a treat distance.4. Before and after endurance training, in the negative, scoring the game data,demonstrate the obvious difference. In the statistics of the results, showing good fromthe previous results, indicating that the match strength endurance training for wrestlers and its achievement is obviously. In the future training should be paidenough attention to.
Keywords/Search Tags:Strength endurance, maxium strength, Greco Roman wrestling, competition result
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