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Study On The Effect Of Interest In Geography Classroom Teaching Behavior Of High School Students Learning

Posted on:2015-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Ordinary high school geography curriculum standards (experimental)" made it clear to "stimulate interest and motivation to explore geographic issues, develop truth, realistic scientific attitude and improve geographic aesthetic" as the attitudes and values of the target. Impact of the new high school geography teacher is the dominant factor in geography curriculum reform, teachers identified teaching objectives, teaching content selection, the use of teaching methods to a large extent influence the students’ interest in learning. Therefore reasonable arrangements to stimulate and geography teaching behaviors become an important means of student interest in learning culture.This paper explains the behavior of teachers from the classroom, questioning behavior, discussion guide behavior, presented behavior, experimental manipulations affect the behavior of five high school students’ interest in learning the geography of the questionnaire, the investigation object is the high grade students in Jiangsu Haian Senior Middle School. By SPSS statistics and analysis results:analysis of the differences in boys than girls higher interest on geography; Intensive geographic keen interest in learning more than the regular classes; different geographic no significant difference in scores of geographical interest in learning. In the correlation analysis, the teacher questioning behavior, explain behavior, behavior and presentation of experimental operation behavior is highly correlated with interest in learning, and discussion guide behavior and geographic interest in learning weak correlation. Which explain the behavior of the teacher, the teacher expand extracurricular geographic knowledge, language, style, humor and vivid body language and geography with students interested in learning significantly correlated; In the teachers’ questioning behavior, the use of geographical phenomena of life, poetry, classic story to ask questions, and students interested in geography more significant correlation between learning; Presented in the teacher’s behavior, multimedia courseware PPT drawing board painted with blackboard board combines teaching, playing and playing Flash video documentary or movie clips, and students interested in geography more significant correlation between learning; The behavior of teachers in the experimental operation, the appropriate simulation experiments demonstrate, and students’ interest in learning geography more significant correlation. Finally, teaching behavior optimization strategies:First explain behavior in the classroom, extracurricular explain to expand knowledge, to explain the language of humor and vivid, and appropriate use of body language; Second question behavior in the classroom, with the poetry set problem, the use of geographical phenomena setup problems in life, the classic story of integration issues; Behavior in the classroom again presented the PPT courseware and blackboard drawing board drawing board combines presented, play Flash video and broadcast a documentary or movie clips; Finally, experimental operation behavior, add geographic presentation design simulations.
Keywords/Search Tags:geography teaching behavior, interest in learning, optimization strategies
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