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High School Students With Learning Disabilities Trapped Natural Geography Analysis And Effective Strategies

Posted on:2016-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the advance of the new program of education reform, comprehensive liberal arts big trend is clearly strengthened the liberal arts in geography subjects, especially physical geography in Arts Comprehensive emphasis share is gradually strengthening, thus making the problems caused by the widespread concern. Because of individual differences more obvious high school students, causing many students with learning difficulties have a certain degree of natural geographic barriers to learning time, poor academic performance makes this not a good course to reach the target.High school students with learning disabilities trapped natural geography of this issue in our secondary schools are widely exist. Conduct research on the obstacles and propose effective strategies, help to build a better high school geography teaching system, to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen teachers ’professional skills and expand students’ knowledge base, education and training to achieve the goal of some significance.Based on the research results, combined with the relevant educational theory, teaching outline, in practice, summed up the experience for high school students trapped natural geography learning research. Using questionnaires, case studies, literature research, analysis and other methods are summarized. Qinghai Normal University, with learning disabilities hardship reasons, and are summarized as follows: the lack of geographical study of thinking, physical geography course subject to its own characteristics, learning natural geography internal needs and the lack of motivation to learn, first-guided, students’ interest in learning, students strong will teach geography in image and spatial orientation skills, build good teacher-student relationship, the formation of educational efforts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physical Geography, Students with learning difficulties, Learning Disabilities, Effective Strategies
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