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The Study On Quality Index System And Comprehensive Index Monitor System Of Boarding Schools In The Northwest Areas Based On AHP

Posted on:2016-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470982033Subject:Principles of Education
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With the promotion of overall arrangement in northwest rural areas,the rura boarding schools have become the crucial point in the educational plan of the urban and rural.However,at present the policies about the boarding schools don’t agree with the rural educational views.Actually,There are some problems and malpractices in the running of the northwest Rural boarding schools,which restrict the school’s development. In order to boost the benign development in the rural boarding schools,it is worthy of the deep research about the quality index system and comprehensive index monitor system, which holds social values and practical needs.Based on such background, the author chooses an western rural boarding schools the object and adopts information retrieval,expert consultant,AHP and weighting comprehensive index, hoping to find out a base point for the equal and average education and set up a northwest rural boarding schools quality index system which reflects the characteristics of the school’s development and reality.The author chooses a rural boarding school with those typical characteristics as the observe point,adopting real data and comprehensive index to study and analyze the quality in the school.And then the author compare the index changes with the development to prove the scientific and maneuverability.The research includes six parts:In the first part,the author introduces the reasons,intention,significance,contents,adoptive methods and creative points of the research.In the second,the author defines the relevant concepts about rural boarding schools.At the same time,the research results at home and abroad are presented,concluded and analyzed,which comprehensively discusses the current situation, main content and exciting problems in the field. It offers certain reference and evidence for the research.The third part is the main part of the paper,based on the statement of the first two parts,and take the education equality and education overall development as the theoretical asispo ints,in line with the principle of scientificity,comprehensiveness and practicability,according to the field investigation of the boarding schools in the northwest areas,in line with the though which from special to general,the author put forward the quality index system in northwest rural areas ——8second level indexes,35 third level indexes,107 fourth level indexes,and explain these level the fifth part,the author chooses a typical rural boarding school with western area characteristics in H county. in order to prove the index system is scientific and operable,the author actually measured the quality of the boarding school with comprehensive index.In the sixth part,the author summarizes the whole paper and reflects on the disadvantages,which offers values for the future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural boarding school, quality index system, weight, comprehensive index method
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