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Secondary Vocational School Professional Setting And The Regional Industrial Structure Coupling Research

Posted on:2016-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482467933Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Major setting is the primary difference between vocational schools and ordinary schools. Major is a link between education and economy, and is the concrete embodiment for vocational education to serve social and economic development. Major help vocational schools to meet the needs of society, ensure a key link in the process of talent training "marketable". Through investigation and study we found that in recent years, great changes have taken place in Wenling industrial structure, and industrial upgrade from the "one, two, three" to "two, three, one" The industrial structure dominated by agriculture to industry gradually changed to the third industry leading the two others. Now, Wenling city secondary vocational school major settings are low coupling of the industrial structure. Specifically speaking, the major setting system is backward, and low resonates with regional development; major directory is disordered, and major characteristics isn’t distinctive; major structure is out of time, development goal with alienation, major overlapping, and huge resource wasted. Based on this, to promote secondary vocational majors coupling with the industrial structures we give the following suggestions. From the dimension of the government, overall plans must be taken to adjust the vocational school area layout, and build modern vocational education system; improving the major structure dynamic adjustment mechanism; specificating major directory, optimizing major standards; constructing the input mechanism that fitting for the modern vocational education system. From the dimension of the enterprise, the market demand guidance must be strengthen, and paying attention to the industry guidance, predicting labor force demands; encouraging enterprises to participate in and improve the quality of talents; building a school alliance, and deepen the connotation of majors. From the dimension of school, vocational schools need to strengthen internal management, actively adapt to market demands, and developing new majors; development in different characteristics, cultivating feature majors; scientificly recognizing school resources, and create major brands.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational school, Industrial structure, Major settings, The coupling degree
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