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A Research Study On The Student Participation In American College Management

Posted on:2014-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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College student participation in management is a kind of specific democratic performance in the United States. The democratic management in American universities is greatly effected by culture and institution. The Constitution of the U. S., which highlights the right of the people provides an institutional guarantee for the decentralization of the higher education. The popularity of practical agricultural technology education encourages students to apply what they learned and also benefits them in economic. According to the different needs and ability of students, a three-level structure including universities, college and community college has been formed. These factors have benefited the students a lot.American college student participation in management is in the form of individuals and groups. The student representatives join in the school board, disciplinary committee, students union and other organizations. These representatives have responsibility and obligation given by school.They can participate in the discussion problems about management and have the rights to vote. Most U.S. students can appeal to the Ombud Office and participate in teaching evaluation. The eligible seniors can also help the fresh on study and living. These are performance of the individual participation in management.American college student participation in management has both advantages and problems. The advantages are as follows:firstly, student participation in management is with a sound and stable system; secondly, students can participate in management by organizations or individuals and the two ways can learn from each other; thirdly, the process of participation is informatization and openness; finally, the way of participation is relatively independent. These advantages contribute to the interactive cooperation and exchange of information between colleges and students; the advantages can improve the management efficiency and student participation enthusiasm. The problems are as follows:firstly, a large number of student representatives and organizations lead to unclear responsibilities; Secondly, because of the lack of management knowledge and experience, students’ excessive involvement may lead to disruption of the normal management order.There are mainly five parts of this paper. With the literature analysis on empirical studies and interviews on internet, it hackles the main research results about the student participation in American colleges in the first part. Then it includes concept definition, theoretical foundation and the analysis of democratic management factors in American institution. The third part involves approaches analysis of college students participation in management from the perspective of organizations and individuals. The fourth part analyzes advantages and problems of American college student participation in management. Finally, the enlightenment to Chinese colleges about student participation in management is given. The research of American college student participation will help our country to promote democratic reform in colleges. Chinese colleges should be student-oriented, increase the approaches of student participation and enhance the informatization and openness of participation, in order that the democratization in university management will be achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:American college, College management, Student participation, Individuals participation, Organizations participation, Public governance
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