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Comparative Study On Cross-strait College Student Affairs Management

Posted on:2017-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330485975433Subject:Ideological and political education
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With the good development of relations across the Taiwan straits in recent years, universitiescross the Taiwan straits start to send exchange students to the other schools for learning. Exchange students as special knowledge group, directly contact each other’s culture, education, life etc, have the most profound experience on students’ affairs management of colleges and universities across the Taiwan straits, combined with Taiwan’s specific historical and cultural background and system in university, study distinctive characteristics of the management patternin student management, for mainland college students affairs management’s problems presentedin the new situation, make summary and analysis, while continue the advantages of mainland college students affairs management, at the same time, cover the shortage, providing valuable reference for mainland universities student management work.This article uses methods of documentary, field observation method, survey method, method of comparative analysis, to make comprehensive understanding and comparison on college student affairs administration across the Taiwan straits, expounds their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, analyzes the present situation of college student affairs administration across the Taiwan straits, puts forward some strategies for improvement. The study concludes as follows:Firstly, about management concept, Taiwan highlights "student"-based idea, and the mainland focuses on collective rules; in organizations setup, Taiwan appears "flat", and mainland divides into party and league system with multi-layers; in team management, Taiwan is professional, the mainland has two parts of full-time and part-time group; in management function, a department covers the whole in Taiwan, the mainland has both leadership and division of labor; in management approach, Taiwan attaches great importance to the system and the rights and interests, the mainland carries out democratic centralism.Secondly, college student affairs management across the strait has their own advantages and disadvantages. The deficiencies in mainland area includes:complex management organization structure, easy to cause low efficiency; "people-oriented" management idea doesn’t really enjoy popular support, students need doesn’t receive enough attention; management team lacks of high level professional talents in different areas; easy to impart theory purely; managers’too much participation, increase students’dependent psychology.Thirdly, mainland college students affairs management should further perfect and innovate. Simplify service process, rigorously and meticulously divide the work; enhance the professional level of management team and perfect the teachers evaluation mechanism; adhere to the "people-oriented" idea, improve the service consciousness; insist on governing the country according to law, improve students’self management ability, and attaches great importance to the students rights and so on, improve the management level of mainland students in an all-round way.Under the premise of different political systems between the both sides of Taiwan Straits, mutually learn management concept and practical experience of students from the other side of the strait, learn from their strong points to offset own weakness and jointly promote the education of the Chinese nation to get a healthy development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-strait, college students, affairs management, contrast
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