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The Hybrid Teaching Mode Based On MOOC In The Practice Of Investigation And Research In Yunnan University

Posted on:2017-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330488450310Subject:Education Technology
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With the arrival of MOOC, teaching and teacher resources will no longer be a problem. Sharing the high-quality education resources has become a necessary trend of the times and the education equity has had a new breakthrough.MOOC promotes the education equity, and meanwhile, it also exerts different levels of influence impacts on the traditional teaching mode, the teaching concept and the teaching design. That the Hybrid Teaching based on MOOC combines both MOOC and classroom teaching which converts courses taught mainly by teachers to students’ automatic study supplemented with teachers’ guidance. That helps to promote the reform of teaching and learning in higher education which makes it possible to integrate Information Technology and teaching.The Hybrid Teaching mode based on MOOC is now in the period of exploration and practice and still has a long way to go. In order to explore its practical effects, feasibility and significance, this thesis summarizes the research achievements of both the domestic and foreign experts and scholars. In addition, through the research of MOOC hybrid curriculums in the actual teaching situation of Yunnan University, especially through questionnaires, interviews and participant observation method and data collection method, the practical and comprehensive use of the course Lecture and Eloquence in the spring semester and Military Theory in the fall semester in 2015 in Yunnan University are deeply studied. From the aspect of practical effect, Hybrid Teaching mode based on MOOC can greatly improve the MOOC online teaching effect with high completion rate. Students are in favor of such courses and expect more hybrid curriculums to begin in school.At the present stage, Hybrid Teaching based on MOOC still has some shortcomings. The first aspect is about learning evaluation. Students get scores by learning online but their learning scores are not included into their school’s own teaching model. Therefore, MOOC hybrid curriculums are hindered. The second is about teaching evaluation. That traditional teaching evaluation mode is still used and its evaluation mechanism is backward which hinders the development of Hybrid Teaching mode. By analyzing the causes and on the basis of practical investigations, this thesis puts forward some practical strategies of Hybrid Teaching mode based on MOOC. It is hoped that this research can provide some references for the implementation of MOOC hybrid curriculum in Yunnan University and in the universities in Western China.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, Hybrid Teaching, The University Curriculum Sharing Alliance, China MOOC
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