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Research On The Development Situation And Countermeasures Of University Curriculum Sharing Alliance In China

Posted on:2019-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566992774Subject:Education Technology
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Under the wave of higher education reform,the teaching organization form of curriculum is breaking through the traditional class teaching system,forming a new generation of curriculum community--curriculum Sharing Alliance(also referred to as "curriculum alliance").The university curriculum sharing alliance aims to achieve high-quality education resources sharing,and bring more high-quality resources to students.It plays an important role in promoting the innovation of teaching mode and improving the quality of teaching in universities.In order to understand the development trend of Chinese University Curriculum Sharing Alliance,this paper adopts the method of investigation,the investigation of network curriculum of East-West University sharing Online Courses Platform Alliance,from the mainstream curriculum development,curriculum alliance alliance operation mechanism,operation course platform,sharing the characteristics of the course,the students in the course of learning the way,learning motivation and learning experience and other aspects of the university curriculum development Sharing Alliance,aiming at the main problems existing in the development of curriculum Sharing Alliance,put forward the corresponding development strategies.This paper analyzes the current situation of the curriculum Sharing Alliance in typical universities in China,introduces the meaning and origin of university curriculum Sharing Alliance,and the basic situation of university curriculum Sharing Alliance.It focuses on the analysis of the business operation mode and platform support of university curriculum Sharing Alliance,as well as the assessment form of shared curriculum and the learning progress and certification of learners.In order to better understand the current situation of the development of college curriculum Sharing Alliance.Starting from the Charter documents of university curriculum Sharing Alliance,this paper analyzes the curriculum orientation and requirements of curriculum Sharing Alliance,and the evaluation of curriculum teaching quality.The implementation process were analyzed by means of content analysis learning platform course on the tree of knowledge,including interactive curriculum resource types and presentation mode,teaching mode,students and curriculum evaluation,the curriculum operation mechanism,this chapter focuses on the analysis of curriculum evaluation and curriculum resources.In order to understand the university curriculum better Sharing Alliance course user learning experience,conducted a questionnaire survey on collegestudents in the course of the user using the questionnaire survey results show that the platform,part of most students in elective courses for general types of courses and public courses in the curriculum,sharing in the learning process to watch video courses,test questions,most of the reasons students choose online elective credits course is learning freely,as high as 82.61%,followed by the teaching mode for the course of new curriculum,in addition,the lack of real-time feedback,communication is difficult in the learning process,some doubt is unable to solve the common problems in students sharing courses.Basis on the present situation of the development of the university curriculum Sharing Alliance and the analysis of the students' learning situation of the shared curriculum,this study summarizes and analyzes the main problems facing the current university curriculum Sharing Alliance.It is found that with the increasing number of curriculum alliance,the development of the curriculum alliances is not balanced,and the students' information feedback and the relative lag in the course study are relatively lagging,and so on.According to the actual situation of the development of the university curriculum Sharing Alliance,this study tries to put forward the development countermeasures from many angles,including: the curriculum alliance should always promote the education fairness,improve the teaching quality as the development direction and gradually move towards the internationalization,and give full play to the guiding role of the teachers and the service role of the platform operators,enhance the learning experience of the learners,improve the learning effect,and improve the effect of learning;Curriculum alliances should play a leading role in the demonstration,and the alliance among courses can be realized again.
Keywords/Search Tags:The University Curriculum Sharing Alliance, sharing of teaching resources, operating mechanism, curriculum analysis
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