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Contemporary Aesthetic Value Of Ideological And Political Theory Courses In Colleges And Universities Realizing Ways

Posted on:2017-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330491950723Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and Political Theory Course as college students ideological and political education of the main positions,intended to Marxism,Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology,to train qualified have the correct outlook on life and values of society ism "four" citizens.Therefore,in the new era emphasis on "aesthetic pursuit of Chinese people’s" effect,keep with the times,followed by the actual pace of the times and college students physical and mental development,to show the value of ideological and political theory courses age,it is particularly necessary.Therefore,this article focuses on the aesthetic value from the point of view,based on the concept of continuous improvement of ideological and political theory course of this educational practice,that the essence of the Ideological and Political Theory Course is the course of value and value selection guide,and this guide and ideal chosen direction epitomized sublime unity value targets,according to the requirements of the times and social development,adhere to the ideological and political theory courses assume socialist ideology education based on the main theme of its aesthetic value itself has realized way started to explore.This paper is divided into four sections elaborate on the topic:The introduction mainly introduces the topic reason and significance of the topic,the analysis about the United States and abroad are reviewed,aesthetic and moral education, ideological and political theory course teaching and research value situation,pointing out the limitations of their study,the research methods proposed topics research ideas and innovations.The first part of the Contemporary Ideological and Political Theory Course in Universities connotation and aesthetic value are outlined.It describes the development history of the name of the contemporary ideological and political theory course of evolution and curriculum, defines the beauty,aesthetic value,aesthetic value and some other concepts and Contemporary Thought College Political Theory Course in aesthetic value relevant,and an overview of its content,the basic content and basic features,through the definition of basic concepts for the full text of the commencement of the foundation.The second part is the actual contact questionnaire,summarizes the plight of contemporary political theory courses in universities aesthetic value in the process of implementation of face,and the reason for the plight of emerging analyzes help system provides realistic basis for the study of countermeasures.The third part of the contemporary political theory courses in universities aesthetic value realization ways were discussed,was discussed from the pursuit of beauty in the value system of the target,the aesthetic quality of education and educational objects, improve the environment and other aspects.
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