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Evaluation Standard Of High School Mathematics Classroom Teaching Effectiveness Research

Posted on:2016-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The classroom is the main venue for the dissemination ofknowledge, classroom implementation efficiency directlydetermines the level of teaching is good or bad. Inefficientclassroom not only affect the development of the students, but alsoa serious impediment to the development of classroom reform.Although the effectiveness of classroom teaching is not a new term,which has also been some research, but there are some problems.In particular, the evaluation criteria in the study, it is worth furtherstudy. This study adopted literature, observation, questionnaires,research and analysis from the effectiveness of the two teachersteach and students learn the effectiveness of, initially establishedas a high school mathematics teaching effectiveness evaluationcriteria:(1)Effectiveness evaluation criteria teachers to teach:Theeffectiveness of the teachers’ quality standard: the implementationof effective classroom in teachers. As a famous teacher, basic ofteachers’ quality is accessory? The teachers’ quality is also knownas "teacher professional quality", refers to the basic qualityeducation activities smoothly or basic conditions. Is a teacher in hisprofessional life, adjustment and treatment with others, and society, and the collective, and porfessional working relationship shouldabide by the basic code of conduct or code of conduct, and on thebasis of the concept of quality consciousness and behavior. Ethicsis the core of teachers’ quality; Learning style of students in thelearning task is the basic behavior and cognitive orientation, it isnot a specific learning strategies and methods, but students inautonomous, inquiry and collaborative aspects of the basiccharacteristics. Research the effectiveness of the approach tolearning from two dimensions of learning methods, learning effectswere assessed; The effectiveness of the learning effect: Studyeffect, usually by the students’ classroom performance, answerquestions, homework completion, the examination results ofcomprehensive evaluation, this is one of the most essential link.Class is a main channel, and educating students learning effect isgood or bad, one of the most able to reflect the effectiveness ofclassroom teaching.(2) The effectiveness of student learning evaluation criteria:Classrooms with students as the main body of teaching, throughstudents’ active learning to promote the development of thestudents’ subjectivity. Determine the effectiveness off studentsmainly from the students’ behavior, thoughts, assess the effect offthree dimensions; The effectiveness of the approach to learningstandards: Learning style of students in the learning task is thebasic behavior and cognitive orientation, it is not a specific learningstrategies and methods, but students in autonomous, inquiry andcollaborative aspects of the basic characteristics. Research theeffectiveness of the approach to learning from two dimensions of learning from the learning methods, learning two dimensions.Due to limitations of various factors, the present study, there arestill some deficiencies (such as teachers less sample capacity, eachindex weight undetermined weight, etc.), are subject to all of thedeficiencies in the future in-depth study, for further study.
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