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A Research On Supply Chain Synergy Based On Explicit And Implicit Contract

Posted on:2016-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z N KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330452466490Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the continuous development of economic globalization and informatization, the marketcompetition pattern is from the traditional competition between the enterprises into the overallstrength of the confrontation between the supply chain and supply chain. Company has beendifficult to gain a foothold in the market just relying on their own ability, so enterprises mustwork with upstream and downstream forming an alliance to face the complexity of marketcompetition and fast response to the market demand, maximize supply chain effect, allowingeach enterprise’s supply chain to achieve a win-win situation. At this point, the supply chaincollaboration is particularly important. This article researches contracts and relational capitalhow impact on supply chain collaboration basing on a simple two-level supply chain. This paperfirst describes the study’s background, significance, overview of the current research situation,and provides an overview of the concepts involved in this article, which support for the laterresearch on supply chain collaboration.This paper mainly research the following three aspectson the supply chain collaboration.(1) Based on a simple supply chain, suppliers and distributors obtain their respective revenuefunction, and define the supply chain coordination degree according to the profit function andsupply chain surplus theory. This paper analyzes the buy-back contract and revenue sharingcontract and wholesale price contract theoretically, which effect on supply chain coordinationdegree. We can get a conclusion that the buy-back contract and revenue sharing contract canachieve supply chain collaboration, but wholesale price contract cannot make the supply chain toachieve synergy.(2) Obtained by analysis between supply chain enterprises to establish relationship capital isthe necessary condition to implement implicit contract. Based on that,the article constructs aco-evolutionary game model of supply chain based on relational capital, and analyze thedynamic evolutionary game model of business group and relations between enterprises. Basedon the implicit contracts on supply chain collaboration has carried on the value analysis, it isconcluded that the implicit contract for supply chain coordination is mainly manifested inpromoting long-term cooperation, reducing operating costs, knowledge sharing and settling theconflict of the member enterprises on the supply chain from four aspects.(3) The paper of the last builds a model of supply chain collaboration evolution game basedon explicit implicit contracts, which analyzes the effects of explicit and implicit contracts onsupply chain collaboration. In the process of supply chain cooperation, we must play the role ofthe explicit contract and implicit contract at the same time, only making the the organic combination of explicit contract and implicit contract, this kind of contractual relationshipbetween supply chain enterprises can achieve long-term and stable development, effectivelypromotes the cooperation between supply chain enterprises, makes the supply chain to realizewin-win and benefits maximization of whole supply chain.The last part of the paper summarizes the full text, and prospects research for this article.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, supply chain contract, supply chain collaboration, evolutionary game theory
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