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Research On The Relationship Between Supply Chain Contract And Supply Chain Performance For Agricultural Products

Posted on:2019-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330569496242Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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In recent years,agriculture has been a problem to our great concern in our country.Food safety,prices fluctuations of Agricultural products and inefficient of agricultural product manufacturing enterprises have been always criticized.Production-oriented enterprises can greatly improve the efficiency of the operation and management in the supply chain management,bringing in business performance growth.Based on this,this article analyzes the current hot spots and research results in the agricultural supply chain management,and analyzes the impact of establishing and implementing supply chain contracts to the supply chain management in resource perspective.First of all,this research comprehensive analysis the existing research results of supply chain and agricultural products supply chain management,resource commitment,supply chain contract,supply chain behavior and supply chain performance,and provided theoretical support for the following theoretical hypotheses.Secondly,this research constructs the theoretical hypothesis based on the influence of the research object,and designs the research questionnaire based on the maturity scale.In addition,the data were collected through questionnaire survey,and statistical analysis of the data.The reliability and relevance of the collected data were tested by reliability analysis and validity analysis,and the results were provided support for the subsequent model analysis.The model analysis validates the hypothesis proposed in this research: supply chain contract has a significant impact on supply chain behavior and supply chain performance;supply chain behavior has a significant impact on supply chain performance;supply chain behavior has Partial intermediary role in supply chain contract and supply chain performance;resource commitment played a Moderator Role in the mediator model.Finally,by summing the research results and the shortcomings of the existing research,this research makes further suggestions for future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Management, Resource Commitment, Supply Chain Contract, Supply Chain Behavior, Supply Chain Performance
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