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A Comparative Study Into The Science And Technology SMEs Technology Innovation Capability

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330461999275Subject:Business management
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Science and technology SMEs are the important carrier of technology innovation, the development of science and technology SMEs in promoting China’s economic growth, improve the comprehensive strength both play a crucial role. Faced with the situation of economic globalization, the complex economic environment at home and abroad, and the changing needs of customers, science and technology SMEs only continuously take technical innovation to improve the technical innovation ability and level. However, the majority of science and technology SMEs technology innovation ability in China is relatively weak, imperfect system of technology innovation mechanism.Therefore, evaluating objectively the science and technology SMEs technology innovation ability to promote the sustainable healthy development, has become an important issue.This study attempts to build science and technology SMEs technology innovation ability evaluation system, to analyze the technological innovation capability of Tianjin science and technology SMEs, and will analyze the enterprises in growth and development stage in contrast, to put forward to promote Tianjin small and mid-sized enterprises grow from growth period to the development period. The main content of this study are as follows:First of all, through consulting a large number of literatures, defining science and technology SMEs and the standard of growth stage in this study. From the existing classical enterprise technology innovation process model, combining with the characteristics of small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation, constructing of science and technology SMEs technology innovation process model.On this basis, to determine the science and technology SMEs technology innovation ability evaluation dimensions, including Technology innovation investment ability, ability to implement technology innovation, technology innovation output capacity, technological innovation management ability.Then, according to the established evaluation dimensions, established an evaluation index system for science and technology SMEs technology innovation capability evaluation, including 4 first-level indicators,25 secondary indexes, and use the analytic hierarchy process (ANP) to determine the weight of each index. On this basis, through an empirical analysis of the Tianjin science and technology SMEs,take the enterprises in growth and development stage in comparative analysis, to find the gap between growth and development period.Finally,selecting two Tianjin science and technology SMEs respectively in the growth and development period to take application, to verify the reliability of the index system and the conclusion above. And make suggestions to promote the development of growth enterprise,including strengthening the consciousness of entrepreneurs’ technology innovation, intensify protection of intellectual property rights, perfect the enterprise technology innovation management system, and strengthening the innovation talent introduction and training.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and mid-sized enterprise, technological innovation capability, technological innovation ability evaluation system
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