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The Evolutionary Process Study Of Enterprise Imitative Innovation To Independent Innovation Strategy

Posted on:2016-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467482319Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Under the background of economic globalization and China’s economictransformation, technology innovation has become an important factor in determiningthe competitiveness among enterprise, industry and nation. Scholars, both abroad and athome have made a lot of researches in enterprise innovation strategy such as imitativeinnovation, independent innovation strategy, but the research on the evolution of howcompanies achieve from imitation innovation to independent innovation is rare.In order to study business evolution processes and internal mechanism fromimitative innovation to independent innovation, this article will from the perspective ofbusiness groups and select four main factors to analyze the evolution processes of howcompanies achieve from imitative innovation to independent innovation. In the courseof study, this paper will establish an evolutionary game model of enterprise technologyinnovation strategy by using Matlab7.0software, combined with the evolution of thegame replicator dynamic equation, then analysis the traditional binary process oftechnological innovation strategy and put forward ternary innovation strategy: imitationinnovation strategy, mixed strategy and independent innovation strategy, finallyexplore the internal mechanism of the technological innovation strategy evolution.The paper will also carry out case analysis according to practical enterprises situation.The three technology innovation process of enterprise usually presents three stages:"Imitation Innovation Strategy-Mixed Strategy-Independent Innovation Strategy".Studies have shown that companies from imitation innovation strategy to independentinnovation strategy need to go through a mixed strategy stage. Mixed strategy is thestrategy that companies take different strategies when faced different competitors, theability of technology innovation of mixed strategy between imitative innovationstrategy and innovation strategy, which is an intermediate state of evolution. The studyhas found that the evolution of enterprise technology innovation strategy is a dynamicprocess, which influenced by the absorption capacity, technical protection, innovationgains, degree of innovation policy mix and other factors. From imitation innovationstrategy to mixed strategy stage, the degree of innovation plays an more and moreimportant role in promoting the evolution while the function of absorptive capacitybecome weakened. In addition, the benefits of innovation will accelerate the wholeevolution process, thus contributing to the evolution of enterprise technology innovation strategy; technological protection will increase the frequency of independent innovationstrategies enterprises in the groups.
Keywords/Search Tags:imitative innovation strategy, independent innovation strategy, mixedstrategy, evolutionary
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