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Research On Imitative Innovation,independent Innovation And Technological Innovation Efficiency Of Bio-pharmaceutical Industy

Posted on:2020-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330578457143Subject:Industrial Economics
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As one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China,the bio-pharmaceutical industry has been widely concerned.However,compared with the large investment in scientific and technological resources,the level of technology is low and international competitiveness is poor,which blocks the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.Therefore,this paper proposes to improve the technological innovation efficiency of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry is the key to achieving high-quality development.In addition,China's bio-pharmaceutical industry has always had problems with excessive generic drugs and insufficient innovative drugs.However,the choice of innovation models for different industries and different stages of development is still controversial,and existing researches have insufficient exploration of the relationship between imitative innovation,independent innovation and technological innovation efficiency.Therefore,the innovation of this paper is to study the impact of imitation innovation and independent innovation on the technological innovation efficiency of bio-pharmaceutical industy.This paper first analyzes the status quo of technology innovation investment and output in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.On the basis of the technology innovation theory and the technological innovation characteristics of the bio-pharmaceutical industry,the technology innovation is divided into the technology research and development stage and the technology conversion stage.Then,the SFA model based on the Cobb-Douglas function is constructed to measure the two-stage technological innovation efficiency of the biomedical industry during 2005-2016 and compare the differences in technological innovation efficiency between regions and provinces.In order to further study the influencing factors of technological innovation efficiency,this paper sorts out the domestic and foreign literatures and finds that the traditional influencing factors have insufficient explanatory power because they have not considered the specific scenario of industrial based development characteristics.Therefore,based on the analysis of the impact mechanism of imitative innovation and independent innovation on the efficiency of technological innovation,this paper focuses on imitative innovation and independent innovation as the core influencing factors,and adds innovative vitality factors that reflect the innovation environment which have been ignored by many scholars to construct a two-stage technical invalid function model for regression analysis.The analysis results indicate that China's bio-pharmaceutical industry has low technological innovation efficiency,and obviously regional characteristics.The empirical results show that imitation innovation has no significant effect on technology research and development efficiency,but it has obvious promotion effect on technology conversion efficiency.The impact of independent innovation on technology research and development efficiency and technology conversion efficiency is not significant.The empirical results explain why China's bio-pharmaceutical industry has long been based on generic drug production,and the research and development of innovative drugs is insufficient and provides a basis for the selection of innovative models for bio-pharmaceutical industry.In the influence of other control variables on the efficiency of technological innovation,government support can promote the efficiency of technology research and development and inhibit the efficiency of technology conversion;enterprise scale,market competition and innovation vitality are all conducive to the improvement of technological innovation efficiency.Finally,combined with the theoretical and empirical research results of this paper,four suggestions are proposed:transforming the innovation model,focusing on digestion and absorption,creating a good market competition and innovation environment and focusing on regional innovation collaboration.
Keywords/Search Tags:bio-pharmaceutical industry, technological innovation efficiency, imitation innovation, independent innovation
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