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Study On Economic Benefits Of High-speed Railway In Our Country

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In order to improve the economic benefit of the high-speed railway in our country, ameliorate the state that the high speed railway heavy losses, it is able that the high speed railway economic benefit and social benefit develop coordinately, using the empirical research method, taking economic benefits and input-output theory as the instruction, the paper analyses the existing problems of the high speed railway, and finds out the influence factors of the economic benefit. Taking regional economic theories as the guidance, and the grey prediction model as the tool, the paper verifies the fact that the high-speed railway have brought notable economic benefits for route area, finally puts forward some methods to change social benefit to economic benefits of the high-speed railway, and achieve unification between internal and external economic efficiency of the high-speed railway.Specific framework is, first of all, taking the three years financial data of beijing-tianjin high-speed railway and wuhan-guangzhou high-speed railway as the basis, this paper analyses the present economic benefit of the two high-speed railway from the point of income and cost, and extend to our country’s existing high-speed railway, this paper points out that the influencing factors of the defective direct economic benefits on China’s high-speed railway are the higher construction cost; the heavier debt burden, the lower investment return rate; the higher cost of operation, restricted freight and limited increment of traffic volume. Secondly, using the grey forecasting model, the multiple linear regression analysis and presence and absence comparative method, this paper works out the economic growth of beijing-tianjin and wuhan-guangzhou high-speed railway for route are. Extending to our country’s existing high-speed railway, points out that the high-speed railway brought huge external economic benefit for social. At last, this paper puts forward measures of improving economic benefit of Chinese high-speed railway from internal and external. Internal:straighten out freight system and strengthening management. External:puts forward our government should be put those economic benefits to the railway transport enterprise, the concrete ways are increasing the central government subsidies, improving the local government subsidy; Supporting the scientific research and education of high-speed railway; and speeding up the reform and innovation of financing method.
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