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Research Of High-speed Railway Express Operation Managements For Harbin Railway Bureau

Posted on:2016-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467494621Subject:Operations Management
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China’s railway is on freight reforming to adapt to the rapid development ofmodern logistics. The high-speed railway, as a passenger-based system, hasdeveloped rapidly in China, but the simple passenger-transportation can neither makefull use of it, nor maximize the operational efficiency. The article mainly research theoperation of the high-speed railway express, based on the rail freight reformation andthe practice of Harbin Railway Bureau.It is necessary for the railway diversification to research development ideas,operating methods, and questions to resolve combining development of high-speedrailway express at home and abroad. Developing high-speed railway express need toanalyze transportation mode, coordinate present trains and arrange passenger andfreight transportation reasonably so as to ensure railway freight transportationfollowing modern logistics turning operating modes, setting up organizations, dividingand cooperating work and developing in order.This article describes the background and significance of the development ofhigh-speed railway express, and the status of the international high-speed railway atfirst. Then the article analyze three modes of transportation, namely, adding a luggagecart, opening separation high-speed railway express line and using the spare time toopen the high-speed railway express line. Harbin Railway Bureau Railway Bureau ispicked as an example to evaluate these three modes based on AHP(AnalyticHierarchy Process) combing qualitative analysis, and shows that different modes shouldbe taken during different phases. Secondly, the coordination problem between express freight trains andhigh-speed railway express train is studied by learning from the experience andpractice of Shanghai Bureau’s express freight trains and Harbin Railway Bureau’s.Connection styles of express sites and the high-speed rail express station is taken intoconsideration, they are known as opening lines of railway freight train betweenstations and connecting them trucks, and specific methods of two ways are also putforward. The coordinated program of high-speed railway express and express freighttrains is taken into consideration combined with operation modes of the high-speedrailway express. They are pick-up-and-drop type and the loop type. The mode thatHarbin Railway Bureau can choose is given.Finally, the article researches the business plans which are cooperation scheme,independence, and mixture scheme and safeguards measures of the high-speedrailway express at different stages. Pricing strategies and protecting measures arediscussed, which is based on the supply and demand balance theory pricing strategiesand the use of sensitivity analysis. Different pricing methods adopted to differentconditions are proposed and used in Harbin Railway Bureau pricing strategy.Specifically focusing on the source organization, operational efficiency andinformation technology to propose the safeguards methods of the high-speed railwayexpress.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-speed railway express, transportation methods, operation models, coordinate development
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