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The Research On The Technology Innovation Of SMEs In Hunan Province

Posted on:2016-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330470477138Subject:Business Administration
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The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to deepen reform of science and technology system,stimulate the vitality of innovation for small and medium sized enterprises and build national innovation system. Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises’(SMTEs) duty is technology innovation,and SMTEs are the backbone of the development of technological innovation,which have a self-evident significance in promoting economic structure optimization and accelerating the economic transformation of our country.And the technical innovation capability is the base of technology innovation. SMTEs in Hunan province has a certain development, but the technology innovation is not very outstanding, so it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis and research on the technology innovation capability.In the article,I applied the related theories of enterprise technology innovation ability,used the method of literature, specifications, questionnaire investigation and factor analysis and made an empirical research on the technological innovation capability of SMETs in Hunan province.The first chapter expounds the background and significance of this study,combing the present situation of research on the enterprise technology innovation and technological innovation capability, both at home and abroad.Then put forward the contents and methods of this study.The second chapter put forward the partition standards and definition of SMTEs,as well as the connotation and characteristics of enterprise technology innovation capability,on the basis theory of enterprise technology innovation capability.And analyzed the growth process and influence factors of the technology innovation of SMETs.The third chapter,in the construction of evaluation system of technology innovation capability of SMTEs,elaborated the significance and principle of constructing evaluation system and established the evaluation index system of technological innovation capability, which composed of 15; then selected and expounded the basic ideas steps for the factor analysis method,based on several common evaluation methods. The fourth chapter diagnosed the technological innovation capability of SMETs in Hunan Province.First of all, analyzed the basic situation of technology innovation ability of SMETs in hunan province;Then made a statistical analysis of 134 sample enterprises based on the 15 evaluation indicators constructed in the third chapter; Finally,used factor analysis method to integrate the technical innovation capability into four factors:Innovation ability; innovation ability; innovation ability and innova-tion output capacity;And calculated four aspects of the score of the top ten enterprise technology innovation ability;At last, make an evaluation about it. The fifth chapter put forward measures to enhance the capability of technological innovation of SMETs in Hunan Province that the enterprise should increase input in research and development funds and expand financing channels; determine the strategic goal of technological innovation, and establish open R&D institutions; improve the patent application and protection consciousness;build university-industry cooperation innov-ation mode etc. And the government should integrate innovation resources, and esta-blish public R & D institutions; strengthen the policy support,and perfect the risk investment mechanism; perfect the laws and regulations and the system of property rights; improve the social service system and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise, Technological innovation capability, Factor analysis
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