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The Empirical Analysis Of Technological Innovation Efficiency And Its Influencing Factors Of Small And Medium-sized High-tech Enterprises Based On DEA

Posted on:2016-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330479497670Subject:Industrial Engineering
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With the development of economic globalization, technological innovation is increasingly valued by the national, and scientific technology has become the important symbol of country’s comprehensive national strength. And the high-tech SMEs has more and more attention from all sectors with its active attitude and an indispensable position. For high-tech SMEs, innovation is the life of enterprise, but technological innovation activities in the real world did not achieve the best results, it’s that it did not take full advantage of technological innovations that resources invested to achieve maximum output results, which led to this phenomenon, there are many reasons. Therefore, the study of technologies innovation efficiency and its influencing factors of high-tech SMEs will help companies define the activities of innovation process,and to provide a theoretical basis for improving the efficiency of technological innovation.In this paper, it make Xi’an Hi-tech Zone as an example, we are used a combination of theoretical and practical approach,focusing on the analysis of efficiency factors of technological innovation has characteristics of high-tech SMEs and the past was seriously or neglected,, and has been focused introduction the feasibility of the method to evaluate. From the perspective of inputs and outputs, we build the evaluation index system of high-tech SMEs of Xi’an Hi-tech Zone. According to the data of application and review of high-tech enterprise in 2008 in Xi’an,we are using DEA method to measure the three kinds of technical efficiency of Xi’an High-tech Zone of high-tech SMEs and the industry, the results indicate that size restrictions and lack of investment is the main reason for the lower technical efficiency. Then according to summarized some industry characteristics and the ownership factors that affecting high-tech SMEs technological innovation efficiency in Xi’an High-tech Zone, the use of Tobit regression model conducted in-depth analysis of the reasons for their differences.This study found that the technology innovation in industries of high-tech small and medium in Xi’an high-tech zone although have low efficiency values and some differences, but they are increasing in scale growth stage. Through the analysis of technological innovation efficiency factors affecting the value,found that the institution building conditions have a significant positive impact on the efficiency of technological innovation, the type of business are also correlated with technological innovation efficiency, the staff of masters and doctor accounted for the proportion of scientific research personnel have a significant positive impact on the pure technical efficiency, relevance and existing entrepreneurs specializing in industry has a positive impact on the scale efficiency. Finally, results of this study, we proposed the corresponding policy recommendations for promote the technology innovation efficiency of high-tech SMEs in Xi’an High-tech District.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-tech SMEs, Technological innovation, Efficiency of technological innovation, Influence factors, DEA mode
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