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Research And Application Of Internet Thinking In The SOE’s Cultural Construction

Posted on:2017-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330488960521Subject:Marxist theory
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The enterprises of different types, sizes is an integral part of the world economy, their operation in a variety of conditions form huge impact to world economy. State-owned enterprise(SOE) is reflected in the ownership of a class of business forms, the country’s economic construction business plays a different role. China’s SOE in the national economy occupies a very large proportion, they have generally more medium-sized, in addition to the exercise of the functions of general economy, they have an enormous resource too, regulating the development direction of the national economy, in order to ensure that China’s society ownership formalism public ownership economy as the main body, that is, China’s SOE also assume the functions of the country’s economic, parts of political and social development etc, their level of development are closely related with the national prosperity, people are wealthy.As the world’s political, economic form, in particular the development of science and technology, the world’s enterprises in the survival and development of the urgent need, in order to actively adapt to changes in the environment, but also continue to carry out internal restructuring and self-improvement in order to cope with the world economy great changes. In contrast, it has created many brilliant China’s state-owned enterprises, the inertia in the face of new domestic and international economic environment, the existing large body mass is formed and become positive change, to adapt to the new powerful hinder economic competition, greatly restricted the development of state-owned enterprises, and even affect the survival of the enterprise, has been unable to play its due role in the national economy.To solve the problem of the new economic development pattern of Chinese SOE in the conditions of the current development of new technologies to the formation of the Internet, this paper from the productive forces and production relations theory on corporate top-level design, namely the building of enterprise culture analyzes the key to enterprise development that; secondly, by reviewing comparative method to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of SOEs in the new economic forms; third, a serious analysis of the characteristics of Internet technology and its impact on the current world economic patterns, summarizes the characteristics of the development of the Internet economy the process and requirements; Finally, through integration with the Internet culture construction thought SOE, the establishment of enterprises to adapt to the Internet era of economic development mode, so that SOE can keep up with the development trend of the world economy, to face the opportunities and challenges for Chinese nationals contribute to the economic development of the application. Results of this study for the Chinese SOE and improve self-regulation and the development of enterprise development direction of the top-level design, has a certain reference value.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned enterprise(SOE), corporate culture, the Internet economy, the Internet thinking
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