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Report On The Translation Of The History Of Science From The Ancient Greeks To The Scientific Revolution

Posted on:2017-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This report focuses on the first two chapters of The History of Science from the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution by Ray Spangenburg and Diane K.Moor,which expounds on the scientific and cultural history from the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution.Due to its academic nature,this work is characterized by technicality,specialty and objectivity,which should be preserved as much as possible in translation.Based on specific examples in my translation practice,this report summarizes the grammatical and semantic features of academic texts and proposes some useful strategies for academic translation by which the translator can convey the original meaning in an accurate and objective manner.This report consists of four parts.Part One introduces the research object and research significance.Part Two describes the task procedure,including the pre-translation preparation,process of translation and proofreading.Part Three makes the case analysis and elaborates on four translation strategies.Terminology translation:The translator should achieve the correct use of terminology because it can exert an active influence on the accuracy of the text in the target language;turning phrases into clauses:The original English phrases can be translated into complete sentences in Chinese;following the original sentence order:The syntactic structure and order of the sentence should be followed in most cases to keep to the original text;and reorganizing the sentence order,that is,the syntactic structure of the original sentences need to be reorganized in some cases to achieve fluency in Chinese.Part Four comes to the conclusion of the whole report.
Keywords/Search Tags:Academic text, Terminology translation, Turning phrases into clauses, Following the original sentence order, Reorganizing the sentence order
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