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Syntactic Strategies In E-C Translation Of Monograph On Academic

Posted on:2015-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X ShangFull Text:PDF
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For translators, one of the most important tasks before the translation is textualanalysis, which is based on appropriate Syntax construction reasonably. However,there are several huge differences between English and Chinese, such as: Inanimateand Person, Hypotaxis and Parataxis. It is because of the differences between thesetwo languages that makes us feel hard to understand or to express them. If translatorsdo not master any translation skills and strategies, they will not understand or expressaccurately. This paper will pick up some representative syntactic strategies to explainhow helpful the proper use of the syntactic strategies to the smooth of the translation.By translating the literature text Reconstructing the Post-Western Myth, theauthor found that the form of literature texts, especially the syntactic structures andthe word order are quite different, so it is inevitable and important to transfer sentencestructure or to change word order in translation. If we want to be loyal to original textand keep original features, translation strategies are necessary, such as syntacticlinearity, Turning Phrases into Clauses, Reinventing Sentence Structures. The authormainly talks about how to specifically use syntactic strategies in translating. Itcontains three strategies: Syntactic linearity, Turning Phrases into Clauses,Reinventing Sentence Structures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Syntax, Syntactic linearity, Turning Phrases into Clauses, Reinventing Sentence Structures
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