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Thai Students '?' Biased Error Analysis And Teaching Strategies

Posted on:2018-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330518956302Subject:Chinese international education
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In recent years,Thailand has set off a climax to learn Chinese,Thailand has more than a thousand large,primary and secondary schools to open a Chinese course,the number of Thai learning Chinese nearly a million,each year in the selection of ordinary volunteers in the Confucius Institute,almost half The demand for ordinary volunteer posts is from Thailand.In addition,most of the Thai college students learn Chinese overseas,and the number of Thai students studying in China is increasing.I was born in October 2016 to March 2017 in Thailand Zhuang Wu Wu Li's Technical College for Chinese teaching,the school students are mainly divided into secondary school students and college students,the age of students is mainly between 16 to 18 years old,In the author of the semester just to them on the "a" word teaching,made a lot of first-hand error information.Chinese does not have a strict sense of the morphological changes,relying on the function words to show grammatical meaning.According to the "modern Chinese users frequency" statistics,"in" among all the vocabulary,the use of the highest frequency of the second.The use of "the use of for the vast majority of Thai students is also very difficult,because there is no language in the Thai language to make a one-to-one relationship.At the same time,"the word" in the teaching of Chinese as a focus,many students on the "use" are a headache.The purpose of this paper is to analyze the errors of Thai students' natural corpus,to find out the causes of the deviation of Thai students in learning Chinese,and to draw up a concise and concise teaching strategy for Thai students In order to better help Chinese students learn to even reduce the occurrence of errors.The first chapter of this article is the subject of the topic and the "word" ontology research and teaching research.The second chapter mainly makes a collection of natural corpus for Thai students' acquisition of "word" and makes a brief introduction and explanation of the errors in their use.Found that the mother tongue of the Thai learners in the "word" and the use of other countries and students of the same point is "1" abuse,see the verb to add "1".The difference is that the bias rate for Thai students in the sentence with the words "complement" and " The third chapter is about the reasons why the Thai students are above the cause of the error,why the learning strategies of the Thai students,and the easy errors,and the errors caused by the negative transfer of the native language of the Thai language.The fourth chapter is for the Thai students to "target" to learn targeted strategies,including:refining different levels of the rules,ladder to promote the "word" teaching;correct textbooks to explain improperly for students to establish a correct understanding of the model;Understandable input and output,and cultivate students'sense of language.
Keywords/Search Tags:teaching Chinese as a foreign language, lelle2, Thai students, error analysis, teaching strategies
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