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The Study Of Spatial Poetry’s Basic Categories

Posted on:2015-09-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Space poetry is defined as three-dimensional poetry.Graphic poetry and visual poetry have their own limitations, the era calls for the emergence of the three-dimensional poetry. With the change of poetry ecology, the poetry kernel quickly responds to this change in terms of the variation of poetry space.The poem aesthetics based on space poetry, is not a theory that has abruptly docks western space theory. but is a theory which backgrounds in the western space theory,takes local resources and real practice into consideration, studies and interprets the context which have been involved with ecology,international affairs and economic development. Space in poetry has gradually gained more and more research focus. Space provides meaning production setting and possibilities for poetry appreciation. The poet conveys spatial feeling through poetry. There are three aspects that space is embodied in poetry:space postures is the shell of poetry, the space image is the kernel of poetry, emotion space is the cornerstone of poetry text. Space poetry is the type of poetry which regards space emotion as the core, also includescertain space postures or typical spatial image.
Keywords/Search Tags:Space poetry, space postures, the space image, emotion space, ecologicalreconstruction
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