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Studies On C-to-E Translation Of Culture-loaded Words In Three Kingdoms Translated By Moss Roberts From The Perspective Of Venuti's Resistant Translation Theory

Posted on:2018-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up,China's economy has developed rapidly.At the same time,China's international status and influence have been greatly improved,making Chinese culture attract more attention.However,the spreading of traditional Chinese culture cannot do without the translation of Chinese classics.As a historical classic,Three Kingdoms inevitably applies a lot of culture-loaded words of the Three Kingdoms period.Culture-loaded words are the essence of a country,and Chinese culture-loaded words are the classical summary of Chinese culture for thousands of years.Under the historical background of “Chinese culture going abroad”,the C-to-E translation of culture-loaded words should bear the responsibility of propagating traditional Chinese culture.Among other translated versions of Three Kingdoms,the version translated by Moss Roberts is of high academic value.However,effective translation activities cannot do without the guidance of translation theory.This thesis is guided by resistant translation theory put forward by Italian American scholar Lawrence Venuti.Post-colonial translation theorists represented by Venuti focus on the struggles between different cultural powers behind the text,highlighting the alienness of foreign culture and resisting cultural hegemony.The dominant ideology of the theory coincides with the historical trend of “Chinese culture going abroad”.This thesis includes six chapters.Chapter one mainly introduces the original and English versions ofThree Kingdoms.Chapter two reviews the previous study on C-to-E translation of culture-loaded words andThree Kingdoms.Chapter three is the theoretical framework.This part,firstly,introduces the source of Venuti's resistant translation theory and its basic points.Secondly,it systematically states domestication and foreignization strategies.Finally,it analyzes the feasibility of studying C-to-E translation of culture-loaded words in Three Kingdoms from the perspective of resistant translation theory.Chapter four,under the guidance of Venuti's resistant translation theory,firstly analyzes the perfect versions translated by Roberts from conveying the linguistic and cultural alienness of the source culture-loaded words in the English version;secondly,analyzes the imperfect versions from two aspects: first,the lack of cultural images of the source text;second,the mistranslation of cultural images of the source text.With regard to the former,the lost cultural images of the source text mainly include source cultural images of history,religion and appellation;concerning the latter,the major mistranslated cultural images are source cultural images of history,religion and official position.Chapter five provides solutions and analyzes given examples under the guidance of foreignization strategy.Chapter six is conclusion.Based on the previous study,and guided by resistant translation theory,this thesis firstly makes some comments on the perfect English translation,then analyzes the imperfect English version,meanwhile summarizes the specific problems,and finally puts forward corresponding solutions.The author hopes to provide certain theoretical and practical references for solving similar problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resistant Translation Theory, Three Kingdoms, C-to-E Translation of Culture-loaded Words, Foreignization Strategy
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