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On The Translation Of Complex Sentences In Meteorological Science And Technology Texts From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2018-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The report is completed based on the partial translation of Modern Climate Change Science (Chapter 2). This source text systematically makes a description of the research status of climate change and various effects caused by climate change.The translation of the book aims to help Chinese learn more about the current advances and trends in climate changes on the one hand and provides some references for other translators in the field of meteorological science and technology on the other hand.There are usually a large number of complex sentences in meteorological science and technology texts. Therefore, it is very important to translate complex sentences appropriately so as to achieve a good translation. Based on Nida's functional equivalence theory, this report adopts five translation techniques to translate the complex sentences so as to accurately express the message of the original text and exert the same effect upon the target readers as the source text does on the original readers. In the process of achieving functional equivalence, the translator tends to choose sequential translation when the logical relation of English complex sentence is consistent with the Chinese expression habit. If the selection of sequential translation results in translationese, the translator usually adopts the techniques such as reverse translation, split translation, conversion translation or combined translation to deal with the translation of the complex sentences.This report mainly consists of three parts: the first part is divided into four chapters,in which the introduction,process description, literature review and comparison between English and Chinese sentence are provided; the second part presents five translation techniques (namely sequential translation, reverse translation, split translation, conversion translation and combined translation) of complex sentences based on functional equivalence theory; the third part is the summary, in which the major findings, the limitations and experiences are summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functional Equivalence, English for Meteorological Science and Technology, Complex Sentence Translation, Translation Techniques
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