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Contrastive Analysis Of The Design And Arrangement Of Cultural Items In The Textbooks Of Teaching Chinese As A Second Language

Posted on:2018-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330533964133Subject:Chinese international education
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From the middle of the 20 th century to the present,all aspects of the study of Chinese as a foreign language has accumulated a lot of experience.Therefore,the cultural teaching researches have entered a new stage.But compared to other studies,it is relatively less.Teaching materials are the important carriers of culture teaching.So I want to study the design and arrangement of the cultural factors in the teaching materials.The current paper selected three sets of Chinese intermediate intensive reading textbooks which are extensively adopted in China.With main focus on vocabulary,the paper analyzed and studied the cultural factors in selected materials.To be specific,the present paper compared the differences and similarities of the design and layout of the selected materials as well as analyzed and evaluated the design and layout.Based on the analysis and findings,this paper proposed some opinions and suggestions on the compilation and design of cultural factors within TCFL teaching materials.There are five chapters in this paper:Chapter 1: Introduction.This chapter mainly introduced the research purpose and significance as well as the research object and methods.Chapter 2: This chapter reviewed various research results of TCFL teaching.It synthesized relevant research literature from the perspectives of the definition of "culture",the relationship between language and culture,the classification of cultural factors within cultural education of TCFL,and cultural factors in TCFL teaching materials.Chapter 3: The analysis of cultural factors.Through the collection of cultural factors in the selected three sets of intermediate intensive textbooks,certain data has been obtained.Meanwhile,this chapter evaluated cultural factors based on collected data.Chapter 4: Targeting the results of analysis above,this chapter proposed some constructive suggestions on the design and layout of selected textbooks and on concrete cultural education.Chapter 5: This chapter systematically summarized of the whole paper and reflected the limitations of present research.
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