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On Techniques For Translating English Long Sentences Into Chinese

Posted on:2017-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The use of long sentences is one of the salient features of the English language and it often appears in many text styles,such as scientific and technological texts,legal texts,news and even essays.In comparison,relatively short sentences are often used in the Chinese language.Long sentence is the thorny issue that translators frequently meet with in the English-Chinese translation process,and many protocols are adopted therein,such as adjustment of sentence orders and sentence splitting,etc.Therefore,how to choose the appropriate techniques holds great significance for accurately conveying the original texts and achieving the goal of being reader-friendly,etc.The case text in this research report is an article on Transportation & Storage from the magazine The Oil &Gas Industry under the Library of Congress.It is a typical scientific text and long sentences are relatively frequently used in it.In this research report,the source text analysis model by German functional school representative Nord is borrowed as a guide.If the theory is completely employed,the analytic process will be rather complex and time-consuming.And therefore,part of the theory is borrowed and the translation techniques for E-C translation of long sentences are explored.If the logical orders and expressions of English long sentences are similar to those of Chinese,the translation can be produced in the same order of the original sentence.If the logical orders are in contrast to those of Chinese,the translators should adjust the order of the original sentence so that the translation can be accepted by Chinese readers.The grammars of some English long sentences are sometimes very complex and contain various clauses,while short sentences are often used in Chinese.And therefore,the original sentences should be split for translation.And for some sentences,the above-mentioned techniques do not work when used alone,and therefore,several techniques should be used in combination.The results of this report show that the translation techniques for E-C translation of long sentences are mainly divided into 4 categories:sequential translation technique,sequence-changing translation technique,sentence splitting technique and integrated translation technique.During the translation process,only by applying these techniques proficiently and properly can translators produce reader-friendly translations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Translation Techniques, English Long Sentences, E-C differences
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