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On The Processing Of Long English Sentences

Posted on:2015-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330428969408Subject:English translation
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It has always been quite difficult for translators to deal with long sentences with many elements and complicated structure in the process of the E-C translation. Because it requires them to have a good command of both English and Chinese, clear logical mind as well as translation methods. As long sentences are widely used in the English novel The Mill on the Floss, the thesis will take the translation of an excerpt of The Mill on the Floss as an example to find how to process long sentences in a proper way to make sure that translated texts express the meaning of source texts both faithfully and idiomatically.The thesis consists of five parts. The first chapter introduces the general background of the research on long English sentence translation. The second chapter covers the preparation work, the whole translation process and the work done after translation. The preparation work is to get to know the author, the background and the main content of the novel The Mill on the Floss and make a comparison between English and Chinese sentence structure. The third chapter introduces theories and principles of dealing with long English sentences in the E-C translation. The forth chapter illustrates how to apply technically some methods of translating long English sentences into Chinese with the examples in the version. The last chapter summarizes the translation practice, gives an interpretation of the research steps again and draws some conclusion about processing long English sentences. The paper finds that one needs not only analyze the complicated structure but also fully understand the theme and style of the novel when dealing with long sentences in the E-C translation. On this basis he then chooses proper words and phrases to express the meaning and reflect the style of the original text.
Keywords/Search Tags:long English sentences, differences in sentence structures, principles oftranslating long English sentences, translation methods
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