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C-E Translation Of Long Sentences In Mysterious Xiangxi—Ecological Guzhang

Posted on:2018-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Long C hinese sentences generally own a lot of words and multiple semantic meaning with complex sentence structures.These characteristics are quite distinct from those of long English sentences.And such diversities are usually one of the most difficult parts during the process of practice.O n the basis of the author's self-translation of Mysterious Xiangxi – Ecological Guzhang,this thesis analyses the syntactic diversities between English and Chinese,summarizes three specific translation principles and discusses some techniques in translating long Chinese sentences.During the research,the author has concluded three main differences between Chinese and English sentences in terms of syntactic structure : C hinese is paratactic while English is hypotactic;C hinese sentences own bamboo pole structures and English sentences have grape vine structures;Chinese sentences tend to be topic-prominent but English sentences are more likely to be subject-prominent.Then based on the three principles of Skopos Theory,three specific principles are presented according to the source text: to transmit the c ultural message of the source language precisely;to organize concise and cohesive sentences in a clear logic;and a good readability of the translation.On the basis of that,the author puts forward the following five techniques which can be employed to the C hinese-English translation of long sentences: preservation,alteration,combination,division and synthesization.When the logic order approximately complies with that of English,the technique of preservation is suggested.When the word order of a long Chinese sentence differs from or even entirely opposite to that of English,the technique of alteration is potentially preferable.When two or more than two clauses are closely related,we might try combing all the meaning units.When there exists several levels of meanings or concepts in a long Chinese sentence,dividing the source sentence is advisable.Nevertheless,sometimes long C hinese sentences can be super complicated.In this case,only adopting one single technique mentioned above still can not produce an authentic rendering.Therefore,we are supposed to synthesize more than one technique at the same time.
Keywords/Search Tags:long Chinese sentences, translation principles, translation techniques
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