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The Translation Of What Do You Need To Know To Learn A Foreign Language From The Perspective Of Communicative Translation Theory

Posted on:2018-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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What do You Need to Know to Learn a Foreign Language was written by Paul Nation,a famous linguist from New Zealand.This paper takes the introduction and the first six chapters as the source material for English to Chinese translation,for which has covered the most important content of the book.As an academic text,the linguistic feature of the source material involves a lot of academic professional linguistics terms,words commonly used yet might cause ambiguous understandings and/or inaccurate translation,as well as passive sentence structure and lengthy and complex sentences.The translation of the text aims to accurately and objectively convey the source information and attempts to produce on its target readers an effect as closely as possible to that on the readers of the source text.Thus,the translation practice takes the Communicative Translation theory,proposed by Peter Newmark,as the theoretical guidance and takes the source text features and the target readers' interests into account.Specifically,this paper mainly deals with the problems of translating technical terms and words commonly used yet might cause ambiguous understandings because of the differences of word collocations in Chinese and English.In addition,this paper also deals with syntax-related translation problems in passive sentences and lengthy and complex sentences by means of popularly used translation techniques such as linear translation,amplification and omission,division and word order adjustment,aimed to better serve the target readers and achieve the most efficient communicative effect.
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