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Translation Strategies For Long Sentences In The Literature Of International Relations

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330569488145Subject:English translation
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This translation report is based on the English-Chinese translation of Moral Limit and Possibility in World Politics.The source text belongs to the literature of international relations and mainly introduces the contributions of constructivism to moral dilemmas in world politics.There are many long sentences in this informative text,showing the rigorous logic and professional attitude of the original author.Long English sentences have rich information and complex structures,which poses challenges to the translator.Therefore,how to translate long English sentences into Chinese is the focus of this report.The translator classifies long sentences in this source text into three categories: sentences with parallel elements,with parenthesis elements and with interlocking modifications.Translation methods to these long sentences are presented in the third chapter of case analysis,including linear translation,word order adjustment,division and “parenthesis translation”.In addition,the translator outlines the general translation procedure for long English sentences,namely,identifying grammatical and logical relations between constituents of long sentences,dividing long sentences into different short parts on the basis of sense groups,adjusting the word order in accordance with Chinese narrative logic,adding conjunctions and polishing the translation.In this report,the translator tries to outline the features and translation methods of long English sentences in the literature of international relations,hoping to provide inspirations for such translations,and aiming at making contributions to future studies on the English-Chinese translation of long sentences.
Keywords/Search Tags:long sentences with parallel elements, long sentences with parenthesis elements, long sentences with interlocking modifications
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