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The Intervention Of Outside Power And China's Response To The South China Sea Issue

Posted on:2018-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512495123Subject:International politics
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In recent years,the south China sea disputes deteriorate progressively.The issue attained lots of international concern.It mainly include:"the construction of the south China sea reef ","the freedom of navigation in the south China sea and overfly the sea","the utilization development and cooperation of the source".On the surface the south China sea issue is the territorial conflict between China and the southeast Asian sovereign,essentially it is strategic game of strength in south sea and Asia-pacific region between China and USA and nations steers by it.Extraterritorial powers the intervention on this issue not only satisfied these powers profit in the Asia-pacific region,but also contribute to achieve the scheme of state around the south sea to suppress China.The three outside power the United States,Japan and India,is one of the most important factors cannot be ignored in the south China sea issue.The tendency of the south China sea issue,not only affect the relations between China and the great powers,but also to a certain extent determines the future peace and stability in the Asia-pacific region.on one hand the United States,Japan and India three outside power based on the needs of the development of their strategic interests,on the other hand,based on the need to restrain China's rise and development,through increasing military strength in the south China sea,and support related dispute for neighboring countries around the south China sea,as well as the relationship between strengthening the manifestation as well as cooperation relations between each other to a comprehensive and in-depth involvement in the south China sea,not only make the issue more complicate,international,but also increased the peaceful settlement of the south China sea between China and the relevant countries.Through induction and analysis of the problem above,this paper from international and domestic multiple Angle proposed that for China how to deal with the involvement of outside power in the south China sea issue,and then come to the conclusion that the south China sea dispute,is not only about solve the problem,but also how to keep patient and prepare for the long term coping strategies,solve the south China sea disputes with relevant countries through peaceful means.So that we may achieve mutual benefit and win-win results,at the same time,more positive factors could add to the peace and stability of the Asia-pacific region and the world development.
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