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A Case Study Of Xi'an Grassroots Police Station Policing Reformation

Posted on:2017-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The police law enforcement department is an important part of the government public administration department,and is also an important force to maintain the social stability of the social order.Modern police system from the London Metropolitan Police in 1829 to establish a modern professional police team established,has been nearly two hundred years of history.In the process of its development,the developed countries have carried out the four policing reform according to their own national conditions.The purpose of the reform is to establish a police mode in accordance with their own national conditions.Police grassroots police station is the basic unit of the police system in China,in the first line of the maintenance of social security.Since thirty years of reform and opening up,Xi'an city's rapid economic and social development,with the social openness,mobility enhancement,social conflicts increased year by year,illegal crime also tends to increase significantly,the focus and difficulty of the grass-roots police station police work are increased.The development of police station in our country only has experienced 60 years of development,also after the change,with the progress of social culture and science and technology change rapidly,Xi'an city police,the police station of the police function concept and police operation mechanism have to keep up with the new situation,the main problems for the function of the police station,behind the grassroots the shortage of police,police protection,the enthusiasm of the poor poor.Along with the reform of the fourth police thought policing mode of some developed countries has been very mature,such as Germany's "Berlin model",Japan's "double system",the British "neighbourhood policing",France's "city patrol mechanism",in China there is “Henan model”,”Nanjing community police model” and so on,the successful experience of policing reform are worthy of our base learn from the police station.The author in this paper to M Xi'an city police station as an example,combined with the actual work,on the basis of the grass-roots police functions,police idea,reform direction and policing operation mechanism,put forward some grassroots police reform strategy,such as: "decentralization" the scientific use of the police,"active police" and "comprehensive use of police" and so on,is expected to further enhance the grassroots public security police station in Xi'an city's ability to work,to better fulfill the duties entrusted by the law,maintain social stability and the realization of the interests of the people.
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