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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Police Reform Of Xuzhou Police Station

Posted on:2021-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Police station is the foundation of the whole public security work,it's a grass-roots comprehensive fighting entity with multiple functions of prevention,management,attack and service.To a great extent,the quality and efficiency of police station work depends on the effectiveness of its police reform.Since the founding of new China,according to the change of situation and task,the police reform of China's public security police station has roughly experienced four stages: static management with household registration management as the focus,public security management with strict punishment as the focus,comprehensive management with public security prevention and control as the focus,and scientific management with social governance as the focus.The police reform in western countries has experienced four representative revolutionary changes,which have had a profound impact on the world police reform and promoted the maturity and perfection of the police reform.A survey of domestic and foreign police reform practices,advanced foreign experiences such as Japan's diplomatic system,Singapore's neighborhood police posts,and domestic successful practices such as "standardizing policing" in Hong Kong,"active policing" in Wuhan,and "five small policing" in Tianjin are all worthy of reference for academic circles and public security organs around the world.At present,the police reform of Xuzhou police station mainly consists of "police group system","large department system" and "large department system + police group system".Although it has effectively promoted the function of the police station and maintained the overall social stability of the city,there are still some problems,such as the boundary of responsibility needs to be clarified,the duty is not efficient and smooth enough,the basic work at the grass-roots level needs to be further strengthened,the standardization of law enforcement management needs to be improved,and the strength of input support is insufficient.The causes of these problems are not only the misunderstanding of ideological understanding and the deviation of assessment guidance,but also the influence of the lack of police force ratio and the low refinement of organization and management.In view of this,this paper believes that to strengthen and improve the police reform of Xuzhou police station,we can start from the following five aspects: The first is to clarify the relationship between the police station and the investigation and attack department,the patrol and prevention department and other police departments,scientifically clarify the responsibility boundary of the police station,and lay thefoundation for the police reform.The second is to improve service operation efficiency from three aspects: enriching the police force of the police station,reorganizing the internal institutions of the police station and adjusting the assessment guidance simultaneously.The third is to improve community police service from the aspects of highlighting the source information collection,strengthening the management and control of public security elements,and integrating into the grid social governance.Fourth,from the three aspects of strengthening law enforcement training,standardizing law enforcement behavior and increasing law enforcement guarantee,we should strengthen the supervision and management of law enforcement.Fifthly,from three aspects of increasing the downward trend of security,promoting the sinking of police force and scientific assessment and evaluation,we will increase police input support.
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