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Research On The Police Operation Mechanism Of Police Stations

Posted on:2021-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330623484830Subject:Public Management
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Police station is a Public Security Bureau agency established in accordance with the needs of its work.Its daily work is connected with the community,township and other units,and it is the public security department that has the closest and most direct contact with the masses,it has the functions of maintaining state power,maintaining public security,maintaining public order,cracking down on illegal crimes and safeguarding people's lives and property.The police stations are the local agencies that fight against illegal crimes and play the role of maintaining social stability and serving the people.The police stations also serve as a bridge between the people and the Public Security Bureau.To a certain extent,the implementation of police operation mechanism in police stations affects the efficiency of the whole public security work,which is the basis of the whole public security work.With the development of society and the progress of science and technology,some old problems have not been solved well,and new problems have arisen.By reviewing and studying the development and changes of the police operation mechanism of the police stations in our country,I expound the nature of the work of the K?ban,its responsibilities and its role in maintaining social stability,in-depth thinking of the police station policing operation mechanism,this paper analyzes the problems existing in the operation mechanism of police affairs in police stations,such as insufficient police force,excessive non-police activities,imperfect police affairs guarantee,lag in the informatization construction of police stations,the comprehensive quality of the police needs to be improved,and the communication channels between the police and the people are not smooth,and from the laws and regulations are not perfect,personnel system is not standardized,professional identity is not strong,incentive mechanism implementation is not in place,comprehensive quality promotion methods are not many,information-based construction role is not fully played,etc.,and through perfecting and implementing laws and regulations,strengthening the position of the police station's function,optimizing the allocation of police resources,deepening the police station's security work,establishing a scientific evaluation and incentive mechanism,promoting the informatization construction of the police station,strengthening education and training,and widening the channels of interaction between the police and the people,the existing problems in the police station's operational mechanism are solved,it is hoped that this paper can provide a new idea for optimizing the operation mechanism of police stations,so that police stations can better escort the healthy,sustainable and stable development of our country's economy.
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