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Study On The Function Orientation Of Township Government

Posted on:2017-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Function of concept is a person or organization undertakes the functions of and should have the function,the functions of the government is the government in social management and operation of a country should bear the rights and obligations,in the legal sense is government administrative departments in accordance with the provisions of the law should fulfill the obligation and play function.The according to the collected data,in our country villages and towns government set and historical changes of analysis,a detailed analysis of the current rural social and economic development on the functions of the township government put forward new requirements,expounds the necessity and urgency of the transformation of government functions,a new round of administrative reform,the township government function machine reform direction describes the own opinion,which is to make up for the deficiency of the theory research,further enrich the content of the theoretical research of administrative management.In the study,mainly in Huizhou City,Huiyang District,Sha Tian Town as an example,combined with the current situation of the town government functions,organizations that exist at present,Shatian township government functions have certain deviation with the need of the development of the rural economy,due to its service function is more outstanding,management functions lacking,resulting in many functions can not achieve the township government,mainly of disposable income,reduce the performance of economic function when the town government is offside phenomenon,for the development of township economy excessive administrative intervention,the town function transformation process in the presence of a false phenomenon,the quality of the township cadres in the lower Town,difficult to meet the requirements of development etc.and that the main factors leading to these problems is the position of township government functions is not clear,the town government property is weakened and so on.According to the collected data of the township government should is the guarantee of public service providers,social management and economic environment optimization;understanding the transformation of town government,establish the concept of service type government;to promote the overall,suggestions to accelerate the relevant system and the institution’s reform,hope can provide some help and inspiration to the Sha Tian Town function transformation.
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