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A Study On The Livelihood Problem Of Ecological Immigrants In Ethnic Areas Of Guizhou Province

Posted on:2018-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The ecological immigration project implemented in the ethnic areas of Guizhou Province is an extremely complicated system engineering which involves ethnic,cultural,economic,political,social,environmental,demographic,psychological and many other areas.In the ecological resettlement project implemented in the ethnic areas of Guizhou Province,it is difficult to achieve the purpose of poverty alleviation due to the extremely economic backward of the Urheimat,the sufficient development of the market,the inconvenient of traffic,the scattered residents,the solidified thinking mode of the national livelihood,the large average number of persons per household,the lack of settlement livelihood capital,Investment limited funding for poverty alleviation and other factors contributed to the livelihood issues of the ecological immigration in Guizhou ethnic areas highlighted.In the authorís opinion,the livelihood problem of ecological immigrants in ethnic areas of Guizhou Province is caused by the combination of multiple factors,including the factors of immigrants themselves and their families,the policies and market environment of immigrant community environment and immigration livelihood problems.Therefore,this thesis takes the data of 12 survey sites in Guizhou Province and the interview data as cases,based on the research achievements of related fields at home and abroad,from the perspective of sociological research(social ecosystem theory,structural analysis theory,function Analysis theory)to make a systematic analysis and depth discussion on the livelihood problems involved in the twelve survey points.And from the dynamic process including before,during and after the relocation of ecological immigrants to think about countermeasures of solving the problem of immigrants livelihoodsThis paper is divided into five parts,the main contents of each part are as follows:The first chapter is the introduction.It makes a description about the origin of the study,the significance of the study.Then it reviews and sorts out the relevant literature and research results.Finally,it gives a basic introduction on the research perspective,research methods,the main concepts and survey objects and other methods and Information.The second chapter analyzes the basic situation of the relocation of immigrants in the ethnic areas of Guizhou Province from the three main aspects of the resettlement point,the resettlement mode,the resettlement mode and the resettlement policy.The third chapter mainly introduces the general situation of the ecological livelihoods of the ethnic minority areas in Guizhou Province.Firstly,it is to understand the habitat environment before and after the relocation.Secondly,it analyzes the changes of the livelihoods of the migrants caused by the changes in the habitat environment,Finally,it analyzes the livelihood difficulties encountered by immigrants in the process of adapting to changes in livelihood patterns.The fourth chapter is mainly under the perspective of social ecosystem theory,from the micro perspective(immigrants themselves and families),the perspective of middle(community public facilities,organizational structure,public management),the macro perspective(policy environment,natural environment,market environment)From the above three perspectives to analyze the reasons for the livelihood of immigrants.The fifth chapter is mainly from the three dynamic developments including before the implementation of ecological immigration,during the implementation process and after the implementation to search for countermeasures of solving the problem of immigrants livelihoods.
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