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Research On Ecological Migration In The Sanjiangyuan Area

Posted on:2018-04-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1316330542965865Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Known as the "China Water Tower," said the San jiangyuan area is China's freshwater resources,the main ecological barrier and recharge area,the region's ecological environment and the geographical location of the San jiangyuan area in China's ecological protection can play an irreplaceable Sexual and critical role.However,the San jiangyuan area is also the destruction of the ecological environment,frequent ecological crisis in the most serious areas,where the natural conditions are very poor,the ecological environment is very weak.The coexistence of this importance and the problem is more able to highlight the value of "ecological migration".Ecological immigration is one of the powerful measures to solve the ecological environment and promote the development of regional economy,and has reached a consensus in academia and practice.Therefore,the study of "ecological migration problem in San jiangyuan area" will help to provide intellectual support and theoretical support for the effective promotion of ecological migration.The first chapter of the "relevant concepts and theoretical basis" of mining,constitute the theoretical support of the study.Analyzes the connotation and extension of ecotourism,classifies and features;analyzes the problem of ecological migration by using "ecological civilization theory,eco-economic theory,socialist theory of nationalities,push forward theory of population migration and sustainable development theory",and provides theory for ecological resettlement Support the development of ecological migration from the aspects of "political development and stability,the coordinated development of economy and society,the integration and inheritance of culture,the advancement of urbanization process and the restoration and sustainable development of ecological environment".The second chapter studies the current situation and the main problems,and forms the practical basis of the research.First of all,from the perspective of"population change(the emergence of ecological refugees),ecological deterioration(the implementation of immigration project),immigration project(ecological immigration support" three perspectives of ecological migration background and motivation;Secondly,from the" This paper explores the existing problems of ecological migration from the aspects of "immigration management,cultural change,industrial transformation and resettlement",and then from the aspects of"immigration management,cultural change,industrial transformation and resettlement" Policy,economy,population,culture,ecology "and so on.The third chapter explores the main features of the ecological migration in the San jiangyuan area,which is the highlight of the study and the bright spot.Based on the analysis of the subject of ecological migration(ecologically fragile areas,poverty-stricken areas,nature reserves and natural disasters),the main characteristics of ecological migration are studied from the two dimensions of general characteristics and prominent features.The general characteristics of ecological migration mainly include the dominant characteristics of government,the extensive characteristics of immigration,the duality of willingness and the characteristics of the characteristics of immigration.The prominent features of ecological migration are embodied in the"enclave" formed by ecological migration,Problem,and the "enclave" region,connotation,characteristics,types and development and other aspects of exploration.The fourth chapter analyzes the effect of ecological migration in the San jiangyuan area,which is the focus of this study and the value of ecological immigration.Therefore,this chapter will clarify the process of urbanization,broaden the channels of resettlement and improve the social security system construction,improve production and living conditions "and other aspects to explore the effect of ecological migrants taken.At the same time,it analyzes the influencing factors of the obtained effect,analyzes from the institutional factors,and points out that the system can not only promote the effect of immigrants,but also affect the immigration effect by the many defects of the system.From the analysis of economic factors,it is pointed out that the economic development provides the impetus for the ecological immigrants,and also the maximization of the immigration effect due to the lack of economic capacity.From the social factor analysis,it is pointed out that the social security measures while social development is lagging behind because of ecological migrants brought many non-adaptive;cultural aspects of the problem factor analysis,pointed out that the culture of inclusiveness contribute to the convergence of immigration and resettlement,but also due to the relatively backward culture,etc.There is a positive effect that is difficult to effectively play,immigrants can not feel the happiness of immigrants can bring happiness;from the ecological factors level analysis,pointed out that ecological natural resources are the basis and pillars to support the effect of immigration,but also because of lack of natural resources problems resulting lack of development potential,ecological migration Exhibition sustainability affected.The fifth chapter in the "path selection" section will focus on the experiences and lessons of ecology by migrants abroad Canadian Arctic,Latin America,Africa and summarize comparative analysis,in order to achieve the effect,"he mountain stone";also by analyzing thinking perspective of sustainable development of ecological migrants Three Rivers region,the "Big five concept of development" as the guiding ideology,and explore the implementation of ecological migration path from "political,economic,cultural,social,ecological" and other dimensions;the last relatively micro level from Put forward five specific countermeasures,one is to strengthen the ecological resettlement area system construction,from the system level for the ecological resettlement system guarantee,the second is to strengthen the small town infrastructure construction,from the economic level for the ecological immigration service guarantee,the third is to focus on the follow-up industry The development of multi-channel channels,from the industrial level for the ecological resettlement to provide life security,the fourth is to speed up the reform of immigrant ideas,from the cultural level for the ecological migration to identify the basis of five is to focus on ecological protection and resource development organic combination,from the ecological point of view ecological migrants environmental resources and support in order to achieve the three The smooth implementation of ecological migration project source region.Finally,in the conclusion part of the study summed up from the ecological migration of the value of identity,unique advantages and problems coexist and other aspects of the basic conclusions,and "to guard against ecological migration to increase the risk of poverty research,ecological immigration policy on the impact of immigrants" The prospect of ecological migration is forecasted.
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