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Research On The Changes Of Ecological Migrants' Livelihoods Under The Framework Of Sustainable Livelihoods

Posted on:2017-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M R YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330491956449Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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Ecological migration is one important way to achieve harmony between man and nature,and the booster to comture coordinateion in economic,social and environmental.Guizhou province as one of three concentrated destitutekey areas which include Dianguiqian area,Wumeng mountain area,Wuling mountain area,has serious rural poverty problem,and influence others with the ecological environment problems and the development in ethnic minority area.In order to eliminate poverty and to protect the environment,Guizhou government has initiating the ecological migration engineering in 2012.After it,more than 600 thousands rural people successfully moved from the original place.But with the deepening of it,the population size of immigrant groups is growing,how the immigrant families to make a sustainable living have been get more and more attention from scholars and experts.In this background,this paper will combine sustainable livelihood theory with ecological migration in Guizhou,and use the field survey data which is collected in February 2015.This paper also used literature research,empirical research and comparison research method to analyze the change of the livelihood capital of the migration,to research the matching relationship between the capital and the living pattern of immigrants,to make effort to find the livelihood sustainable way of ecological immigrant family.In this paper,the structure is as follows: chapter 1 mainly expounds the research question.This chapter systemic introduced the research background,significance,goal,content and research methods,and systematically comb the theoretical research and empirical research results of the paper,eventually form the basis of it;In addition,this chapter also introduced the innovation.Chapter 2 is mainly about the classification of livelihood capital,index selection of livelihood capital and the basic condition of the site which surveied.This chapter study the main index of livelihood capital,quality and quantity of samples and samples background.Chapter 3-5 is the main part of the paper.Among them,the chapter 3 analyzes the ecological immigrant family livelihood capital how to change;Chapter 4 compares livelihood model of immigrant family;Chapter 5 studies matching degrees between the livelihood capital and livelihood model.Chapter 6 describes the reason why livelihood capital and livelihood pattern matching degree is low.Chapter 7 put forward suggestions for the livelihood sustainable development of ecological immigrant family.Chapter 8 is the conclusion of this paper.In this paper,the specific conclusions are as follows:(1)The implementation of the ecological migration engineering promote the growth of the immigrant family income,generally can be beneficial to the immigration,but some ecological immigrant family have low livelihood capital utilization ratio,livelihood pattern matching degree is not good enough,and livelihoods weak sustainability issues.(2)The matching degree between livelihood capital and livelihood pattern is low,mainly due to: from immigrant,immigrant is not enough cognizing the change of livelihood capital;which livelihood model they choice is low matching degree with livelihood capital.From the government,it is a policy guarantee does not reach the goals,policy guidance is not strong enough to immigrant,has affected the immigrants living mode choice;Second,the measures of policy matching does not be which it should be,reduces utilization of migrants livelihood capital,increase the risk of the livelihood of migrants;What is more,some immigration policy an not be comtured,reduced the amount of livelihood capital of immigrant should have,influence the livelihoods sustainable.From environmental conditions,a new environment to immigrants would be brought new life risk.(3)In effective immigrant families living mode,who is worked in the second and third industry higher than the other,in which the proportion of migrants who choose to do work for others and entrepreneurial is higher.And in employment four living mode,which is included do work for others,industrial park,entrepreneurship,and public welfare jobs,industrial parks and public welfare jobs due to its high sustainability and stability become the better choice in migrants livelihood model.(4)Improve the matching degree between livelihood capital and livelihood model of immigrants needs the joint efforts of immigrants and the government.On the one hand,the government needs to strengthen the follow-up industry support,actively implement the national ecological migration policy and improve the local ecological migration policy,continue to push forward in cities and towns centralized placement of resettlement way;On the other hand immigrants need to further clarify their livelihood capital,to realize their own livelihood capital change,and select the appropriate mode of living,eventually realize the sustainable development of immigrants livelihoods.
Keywords/Search Tags:ecological migration engineering, Livelihood capital, Livelihood model, compatibility
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