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Research On The Legal System Improvement Of Our Country's Geographic Information Security

Posted on:2018-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the era of big data,geographic information is widely used in disaster prediction,urban planning,transportation engineering,military deployment,national defense construction and other fields,covering all aspects of industrial production and daily life.With the boom of Internet technology and the prosper improvement of surveying and mapping technology,the traditional drawings of mapping results are gradually converted into digital network of data.Geographic information collection,application,storage and dissemination have been more convenient than ever.With the advent of increasing disclosure risk,geographic information security issues have become more prominent,which poses a serious threat to national security and personal information security.However,China has not built a decent and systematic geographic information security legal system.Surveying and mapping law is tended to protect the geographic information data,but there are few personal geography information security protections.Therefore,starting from the national geographic information security and personal geographic information security,this paper intends to explore how to enhance the legal system in China.The first chapter summarizes the concepts and characteristics of geographic information,and introduces the behaviors that jeopardize information security as well as the importance of geographic information security,from both national geographic information security and personal geographic information security aspects.The second chapter illustrates China ' s legislative status of national geographic information security and personal geographic information security,introduces legislative status of national geographic information security under government-led,government-regulated and market-oriented management modes in foreign countries,as well as legislative status of personal geographic information security in Europe and America.The third chapter analyzes the issues of China's geographic information security.Issues identified for national geographic information security are as follows: leaks of Internet map,outdatedthoughts in protecting geographic information,unreasonable confidentiality rating standard,lag of legislation and weak enforcement.Challenges encountered in personal geographic information security are as bellows:impingement on privacy by using Google Street View,concern on information protection,conflict of interests,lack of specific legal protection scheme and legal aid.The fourth chapter discusses how to improve legal system for geographic information security from national geographic information security and personal geographic information security aspects,and provides some specific recommendations,which include setting up legislative principles of national geographic information security,constructing supervision mechanism of national geographic information security,optimizing confidentiality protection standard,establishing legislative principles of personal geographic information security,defining the rights of geographic information provider and obligations of geographic information management,optimizing the judicial relief system and consolidating enforcement and monitoring.
Keywords/Search Tags:Geographic Information, National Geographic Information Security, Personal Geographic Information Security
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