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Studies Of The Information Home Care Service Platform Construction Of Shenyang

Posted on:2016-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518499738Subject:Social security
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Ageing is one of the most important social theme in the new age,how to deal with the severe aging trend is the problem of the world all countries need to face,especially the China with big population.Our country constantly exploring various measures and solutions to ease even to solve the aging problem,including the home care service for elderl to make up for family endowment weakening and lack of resources of institution endowment.With the progress of age,the development of science and technology,our country’s home care service for elderly needs to construct and develop the informationization of home care service for elderly platform,which can effectively promote the development of home care service for elderly.improve the efficiency of home care service for elderly,meet the demand of the elderly,strenghening the quality of service,effectively relieve ageing problems.This paper use the opinion of Welfare Pluralism Theory,through work at domestic and foreign literature and field survey work make the contrastive analysis of Shen Yang 12349 Hotline Service Platform and Shen Yang Yuan Tong Hotline Service Platform,so as to further understand the construction and development of Shen Yang informationization platform of home care service for elderly,research and analyze from the theoretical level,put forward feasible countermeasures and Suggestions.In this paper,the first chapter expounds the research background,research purpose,research significance,literature review,research content,research method,innoation points are introduced.The second chapter of this paper,have made the summary and introduce to related concepts.theoretical basis of the paper.The third chapter have introduced two existing informatization home care service for elderly platform construction..The forth chapter made comparative analysis to the two platform.The fifth chapter have expound disadvantages of home care service for elderly informationization platform construction and development then related countermeasures and suggestions are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Home-based care for the aged, Home care service for elderly, Informationization service platform
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