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Research On The Influence Factors Of Civil Servants In D Country

Posted on:2018-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518965676Subject:Public Administration
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The government’s efficiency and the quality of public service are closely related to the investment of civil servants.Civil servants at the grass-roots level is the direct link between the masses and the government,is the direct implementation of the government’s public management,the exercise of the state public rights at the grassroots level,directly responsible for the party and government a series of social governance and public service responsibilities.Especially of the party since eighteen,the central requirement of the grass-roots civil servants are more stringent,the management system of the grass-roots civil servants are more standardized,effectively promote the constraints of grass-roots civil servants of their own behavior,to enhance the ability of public service,to meet the people’s growing demand for public service.However,the current grassroots civil groups still exist work enthusiasm is not high,serious job burnout phenomenon,affect the government daily work efficiency and service quality.Therefore,in recent years the research on grass-roots civil groups work motivation and work motivation to carry out,on the purpose of serving the people of the investment has entered the research field,the civil servants work into the party and the masses have become concerned about the problem.The research on job involvement is a new field of research in the field of positive psychology and organizational behavior,which has gradually become a hot spot of human resource management in the public sector.To strengthen the work of grass-roots civil servants,not only related to the work and behavior of civil servants,but also related to the grass-roots government public management and public service performance,but also related to the people’s satisfaction with the government.The research work on Demerouti and resource requirements-the work of Bakker(JD-R)model as the theoretical framework,a questionnaire survey on 200 junior civil servants in D County,according to the D County Organization Department staff interviews,discuss the specific relationship between job demands,job resources and work engagement,analysis of factors affecting D County grass-roots civil servants wages input.The survey results show that,as the basic requirements for the people’s services,D county civil servants to strengthen the work of investment has been widely recognized.The research suggests that we should strengthen the salary treatment of the basic level civil servants in D County,reform the existingpersonnel management system,carry out the psychological counseling to the grass-roots civil servants in time,and enhance the cultivation of the ideal faith and the spirit of public service.The results of this study can promote the understanding of the mechanism of civil servants’ job involvement,and provide some empirical support for the management of human resources in the public sector.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass roots civil servants, Job involvement, JD-R model
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