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Research On Rapid Response Capability Construction Of The Government Decision-making Consultation Institutions Under The Background Of Big Data

Posted on:2018-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982714Subject:Public administration
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With the advance of society and the upgrading of technology, the traditional statistical model has been replaced by big data, big data has become the new century one of the most important information revolution to people’s daily life,for the national economy and politics have a huge impact, with a large number, high speed, diversity,value, the authenticity of these characteristics, the characteristics of big data is bound to decision-making advisory body of government decision-making influence, in order to improve the construction of the government decision-making consultation institutions timely response capability, we must have a clear understanding of big data and the government decision-making consultation mechanism, this paper introduces the main types and characteristics of domestic decision consulting agency with the background of big data, and discusses the necessity of rapid response to the government decision-making consultation institutions, and the essential conditions for rapid response capability construction . Next, this paper will combine the characteristics of big data,analysis under the background of the era of big data, the government decision-making consultation agencies face the specific challenges, mainly in the following points: big data consciousness of government is relatively backward,information islands caused by the decision-making information is not comprehensive problem, data processing ability determines the rapid decision-making capacity level, government decision-making by information security challenges, the problem of lack of expertise in, government decision consulting management organization and operation mechanism not perfect. The development of big data so that the information is adequate,but not perfect, accurate database will affect the government’s decision-making, on the other hand, big data era,the rapid dissemination of information to the government’s handling of emergencies bring more challenges, how to make use of the advantages of big data, overcome information, personnel and management etc. the problem, let the big data is used by the advisory body of government decision-making, really play its advantages, become the focus of more attention, in the fifth part of this paper, on the background of big data timely response ability of the government decision-making consultation institutions improve the proposal, first, improve government decision-making advisory body’s understanding of big data, training big data awareness; second, increase the supply of related specialized talents, optimize the talent structure; improve the software and hardware facilities, improve the ability of information processing, and then improve The efficiency of the government decision consulting agencies; then establish a unified data platform, eliminate information islands; improve alertness to spread of bad information,to avoid runaway; finally, strengthening the government decision consulting agency management and scientific organizations, improve the work efficiency. These suggestions from different perspectives on how to improve the quick response ability of government decision-making advisory bodies in the context of large data. Finally, this paper also made a summary and outlook.
Keywords/Search Tags:big data, decision-making advisory, information, response ability
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