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A Study On The Relationship Between Civil Servants’ Job Burnout And Social Support—Guangdong Province, The Pearl River Delta Region As Samples

Posted on:2018-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Job burnout is a common phenomenon in the current workplace. According to the traditional view, job burnout easily occurs in medical care, education and other helping professions. However, In accordance with the relevant survey, civil servants are the high risk population of job burnout. Social support, as one of the working resources, plays an important role in preventing and mitigating the job burnout. In the region of the Pearl River Delta with the largest net inflows of migrants, the civil servants are facing greater working pressure and relatively deficient social support. Therefore, this study restricts the territory and other factors, and from the perspective of social support, selects 204 civil servants in Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta region as samples, adopts quantitative analysis and qualitative research methods as well as the statistical description and difference test, correlation analysis and regression analysis approaches to study the influences of interviewees’ occupation burnout levels, social support and demographic variables on overall job burnout situation. Finally we reached the following conclusions: 1. Respondents generally have moderate job burnouts. Among them, the burnout degree of three dimensions, i.e. emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment, is in the middle level, and the expression of personal accomplishment is the most worrying. 2. The level of social support received by the respondents is moderate, in which, the objective support and utilization of support are less optimistic. 3. There are differences in the levels of job burnout among respondents of different ages and working years, and with the increasing age and working years, the emotional exhaustion and personal accomplishment are reduced. 4. There are differences in social support for respondents of different gender, marital status, educational level,administrative level, and working years, of which, the level of social support of gender,being single, bachelor or less degree and lower administrative ranking is the lowest. 5.Social support is negatively correlated to job burnout, and the regression prediction of job burnout by social support is significant. Increased use of support in particular can ease job burnout. On the basis of the research results, this paper puts forward the countermeasures of prevention and intervention in the regulation and response of individuals, the intervention and assistance of organizations, and the linkage and support of the society,which are expected to serve as a trigger to alleviate the degree of job burnout of civil servants.
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