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Research On Home-based Care Services Supply In Shenyang

Posted on:2016-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518999738Subject:Social security
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According to sixth national population census,over 60 elderly population in China has reached 178 million,accounting for 13.26%of the total population.Shenyang had entered aging society in 1992,seven years earlier than the national average.In such a serious aging conditions,we should how to pension?In recent years,there are constant researches and explorations in Shenyang home-based care service supply form,10 regional home care service center have been built in 2014,and these will be used before June in 2015.Under this background,this paper takes Heping district Bajing home-based care services center as a case to study home-based care services supply in Shenyang.In this paper,firstly,according to theories of welfare pluralism,community care and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,through interviewing with staff in Shenyang Heping district civil affairs bureau,Bajing street,Baohuan community,big city home care service center and so on,in addition,community elderly people,understand Heping district Bajing home-based care service center’s establishment,development and services.Then analyze its advantages and existing problems in the process of running,and finally combine with the experience of excellent home-based care services at home and abroad,and put forward countermeasures and suggestions to perfect home-based care services supply in Shenyang.Through investigation and study,this paper acquires the following two important conclusions:firstly,in the process of this kind of home-based care services supply that built by the government,however,the government entrust social organization business most things,the government should realize functional transformation,from the role of home-based care services "athletes" to be a good home-based care services supply "referee";Secondly,introduce private capitals to participate in home-based care services,the government cooperate with social professional agencies to establish home-based care services center is a trend for the future development of home-based care services.
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