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Study Of The Development Problem Of Private Pension Institutions Caregivers In Shenyang

Posted on:2016-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330521450402Subject:Social security
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With the rapid development of China’s population aging,the state vigorously promote social capital into the pension services industry,the local government is also actively respond to the number of private pension institutions continue to increase.The nursing staff pension institutions as the core staff,level of the pros and cons of their personal qualities,professional skills and knowledge level and professional behavior not only related to check endowment organization of the elderly quality of life,but also related to the survival and development of pension institutions.In recent years,from the central to local,from civil affairs system into the trade union organizations through on-the-job training,skills competition,increasing training efforts of this group,in order to meet the social needs for them under the background of aging,and pension institutions as the direct management of the nursing staff and the use of units,they of the nursing staff is how to management and development,has been the lack of concern and discussion.China’s pension business development is fast forward to training in line with social development needs,pension institutions need,the elderly in need of nursing staff is inseparable from the national government,vocational institutions,industry organizations,pension institutions themselves all-round and multi-level social main input and support,compared with other subjects of social investment,pension institutions of the nursing staff development is more direct,faster and effective characteristics.Therefore,this article want to from the angle of management level,content and way of training and incentive effects specific to pension institutions of the nursing staff quality and skills development,and woodcarvings,private institutions for the aged nursing staff development put forward suggestions.
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